Friday, October 5, 2007

Virtual Museum Zuidas Amsterdam

Museums can take may shapes , and in the case of Zuidas things tend to go beyond material ,and reach for the virtual , teh opening of the museum was an nice event bringing together people from all kinds of areas like art , buissnies , teaching , students , new media and performance . A lot of student from different parts of the world became part of the event . The museum is an urban screen that is the new canvas for the artist that goes beyond static and enters the realm of moving images and video art . The presentation of the museum was a one hour warm up in witch small one minute films where presented , the works wher from students that just graduated and this was an important aspect the fact that the "museum " is hosting works that are not known and that are fresh fronm the viewer's point of view . After the warmup that was held in the outdoor World trade center plaza a short introduction from the director of the project that presented the crew developed the production , grafic and visual museum identity ; things continued with a performance that was the highlight of the event ; the performance was related to a big ball that had a camera mounted on it , people started plaing with the ball that was quite big and the camera was brocasting the real time images on the screen that was mounted in the plaza . Interesting performance first because of the real time images bradcast and seccond that the ball brought people together making them act unnoficial and playfull at the opening , this activity made the atmosfere of the event to lightenup . Afterwords ther was a presentation about the new urban Zuidas area that is an international finacial center with buildings designed by international architects like Toyo Ito and Erik van Eggerat . Why a museum in a finacial center ? because " If buildings and roads are the city’s hardware, then culture is the software that brings the city to life."

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