Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Beeing in a place where dance culture is an important social component I started collecting music that has some relevance for my ear. Electronic music is the dominant style of music that is lisend in the clubs and major venues . The electronic music scene is dominated by a mix of styles and types of music. International collaborations and the fact that the events related to this kind and music style are happening with a big frecquence , the artists that are plying being from an international scene and a lot of theme are underground names that more or less are playing a mixed style of m usic that can be called simple electronic dance music . I startd lissening and started becoming interested in this style of music from some time now and I realysed that in outher parts of Europe electronic musique is not too popular or that ther is an emergence of ^0;ties and &0 ties musicque that is fashionable in some places . In the same time in outer places the electronic music gendres are split between all kinds of types and waves that come and go I the field of Dj ind sampeling and mixing became more and more important in the composition of such syles.
The scenes are separated but niot in this part of Europe where because of the mutiple tipes of musique things became blended and Dj ;s and producers started influencing each outer and started making musique that has one target , to make you move and interact trough movement dancing being the universal language . In some cases this kind of culture is not important for cultural people but it can say a lot about things in general and about the place wher one tipe of society is placed . I say this becase I started seeing some kind of rupture that appeared in the clubbing culture between the musique f the parst and the musique that is promoted in our days .in the clubbing and dance culture . This kind of yupture is strong and can be seen in may places because of the fact that the 90ties where about the senevtyes and in the same time a new technology emerged that opened up the possibility of produceing electronic musique. This musique is completely different frm what happened in the past and what was produced until now . The fact that slowly electronic musique is taking owe the clubs and the way of producing things in general is a sighn that we are at the brink of a new tipe of industrial revolution ,As in may pervious cases there can be seen the way that things that are changing in the society are reflected ijn art, and musique these medium being some kind of signal for the apereance of new medium and eperimentation.

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