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One of the stages of concept development of a hotel project on witch i'm working on together with colleague Fort Olimpiu. Renderings by fellow colleague Vlad Nicoara .The concept is based on three different blocks that work together as a whole and are united by a structural frame that gives them both visual and structural homogeneity. The space that is formed in between the volumes has a double function :circulation and atrium .

mirror cube

installations from Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama using mirror walls that reflect the content of a given space

Friday, February 20, 2009


Troika 'Cloud', 2008 Digital instalation for the british airways


The photography of William Hundley


A couple of images from a recent Architecture exhibition by Toyo Ito .
Located at the Sendai Mediatech (designed by Toyo Ito), Sendai, Japan .


Esther Stocker's 'Geometrifying' installations with patterns in reduced black and white.

Winter and composition

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The music video for "Gantz Graf" reached a cult status in underground computer-generated imagery art circles. The video features an abstract object (or an agglomeration of objects) perfectly synchronized to the sounds in the music as it morphs, pulsates, shakes, and finally dissolves. The visuals contain the same amount of richness and detail as the soundtrack does, having a visual counterpart to every little sound or frequency range in the song. Alex Rutterford (who had previously created an unofficial video for the Tri Repetae track "Eutow" as part of a Channel 4 music programme in 2001) claims the idea for the "Gantz Graf" video came during one of his LSD trips.


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My Starscream and THE Starscream

museum of the future lintz

In the night time the landmarkbuilding is iluminated by 40 000 LED lights

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