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New place


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Authorship and architecture
One of the main problems in the architectural process is the fact that in some cases the project requires to be managed by one mind , to have a better overview on what is happening on the construction site .
Every project is done in phases that can be compared with steps that have to be made in a specific system to be able to go forward and to be recognized as part of the normal way of doing "things ". Every step of the project needs to be checked by the architect that knows all the problems and can work with a multiple set of persons that can manage problems that are on different edges of the project ; from problems that imply contracts and all kinds of autorizations that are basically a set of rules that decide the manner in witch the construction will take live , to the way things will look and will be negotiated , the architect is a person of " multiple " talents in this case .
There are more than two sides to to the same coin in architecture ; the person in charge of a project can see things submitted to the postmodern lens and in this way be divided in manny ways and on manny levels . The postmodern approach to a project requires to be able to adapt to all kinds of different situations and to be able to switch from one point of the project to a different one in real time ( like zooming in and zooming out )
This does not happen only in the core of the project that is basically made out of concept sketches , technical drawings , concept renderings , visualization renderings , execution drawings , structural drawings and contracts but also in the other circle of the project that is composed out of the key people that make things possible and develop different stages of the project like the structural engineer , the construction manager , the site surveillance person and the person that finances the building .
Starting from the beginning of the project in manny cases the effort that makes things move and develop are made by a team of people but in manny cases these things can slip out of control if there is no main person that can take charge and responsibilities for mistakes that can occur in the process .
More and more the cases that can come forward in the building process can become different and can ask form the person that is in charge or the project to start multitasking and to become interested in multiple things that are not part of the everyday "routine " of a project and to observe and mantain the focus of a project on what comes in this way the shit that can be needed and that can come with the restraints of a project can be seen and solved in a time that can be forsseen by the designer or architect .

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Colapsing landscape

Demolished building , after the "clean up " a supermarket has replaced the remaning debris .

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Some old projects that i made some while ago , it's an duplex style of housing that can be repeated in an certain tipe of formation .

Thermal Billboard


The New Mediators from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

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Dvein: F5 Titles from F5 on Vimeo.

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D grid