Monday, June 23, 2008


Shooting the toilet

Chair and fake chair

Graduate student chair and Gerrit Rietveld Chair

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Star Trek

The project is focused around transforming the former plane carrier USS Enterprise into an international university that can work as a mobile unit that goes moves between different locations . The main idea of the projects was to use the space of the main deck and to transform it into a student campus with all the functions related to it ; public space , modules for living and space for study .
This project was proposed designed by the students of the Halle university of art and design the architectural design department .

Friday, June 20, 2008

Vacation House

Project for a weekend house I made . Contextual relations with the water , the functions are divided into there parts . Living area , dormitory and toilet and related functions .
The rendering has a "game realism" that i wanted add to it .
The project was focused on how to generate a house that would work only in the weekend and has an energy consumption that makes it to be sustainable on different levels . Even if a compact object would work in a better way as a sustainable piece of architecture we cannot take out the human factor that needs esthetics and comfort . In the same time a house or outer architectural objects can work as a sustainable system only until a level ; that is because there is no perpetuum mobile that can reduce the looses of energy in a house to 0 .

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


And "So it goes" , mixed up facts , lights , so many things , loud music , people and people , "green" smoke and smoke , different sizes , slow movement trough the crowd and fast thoughts from some beats ; these are some words , propositions and facts that can describe the chaos theory based party nights that are present from from time to time .
The fact that sometimes you can be exposed to multiple and simultaneous events that can have the nature of being both on a sound or "music " level and as a visual escape level make things to transform from immediate repetition that a "normal" day can offer to an experience of losing the control and starting new pace on the rhythm of the sound .
In places like this the chaos theory works the best ; the mix that such a space can provide is huge and it happens on different levels , from the pissed people to the people that are jumping wild because of the touch of the Dj everything is in a sort of controlled chaos or a chaos that can be looked at as a space that can provide one with what can be considered spectacle and entertainment in the same time . The rhythm is the only element that can give the people the sensation of the connectivity and in some cases the waves of enthusiasm because of the tunes that are played .
Lyrics , tracks and sound waves all blend in the minds of everyone , It is a great spectacle and sometimes you can be faced with two options ; viewing things as a spectacle of sound image and people that are moving and feeling the music and surroundings . The second option is to go inside and to think about the inner universe that can be felt if perception helps one in finding some sort of inner calm in the sea of sound and chaos , things can be reduced from general to singular and moments expand or compress because of the feeling of the moment. It is not easy to "feel" things especially in a moment when lyrics and outer music factors that derive from the high density of musicians dj's or sound makers . All these elements combined can give birth to a strong ,weird, non lyrical , electric , surreal ( depends on the mood or state in witch one can find itself ;) ) , base based , linear , mixed , interlaced ( sounds good ) and social dada cocktail that can keep things in a different or higher mind state for quite a while . Because of all these these factors the importance of what is important can become relative and things can be put in a different balance .
A night out can produce a lot of metaphors and these metaphors can rise or change on some level the way we look at the world .

Sunday, June 15, 2008



This weekend I went to the Trentemoller dj st that for some needs no comments . The evening started with an sort of warm up from Radar an Amsterdam resident that prepared the ground for what was coming . The sound was techno and cool everyone started enjoying the beats and slowly but surely people let themselves carried away by the intro .
The party has started and being stuck in a crowd can have it's advantages when Trentemoller is passing in front of you to go and prepare his sets .
As a dj he has a lot to offer and his sets where quite different from what can be heard from him in general and the influence of having also a live band can be heard in the way he is mixing things and constructs a diverse musical composition from both contemporary and older elements . The linear sound of progressive house or techno that has the common characteristic of having very few lyrics was blended with some popular tracks that where easy to recognized by the connoisseurs .
The outro of the evening was a continuation of the set by the Amsterdam resident Radar .

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Party ,


Friday, June 6, 2008

No crane no game !


Thursday, June 5, 2008

texture & models

2'nd time

In some cases is good to make the same trip twice

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Design can be quite complex, it is a place that can bring interesting problems and make the relations that are part of the process quite chaotic in a lot of cases . All the practices that are related to design in any form tend to optimize the way clients and makers interact both in a working relation and as a communication of a specific problem or subject . There is alway a sort of enthusiasm related to the start point of a project , relation or design process that can be quickly overturned by all sorts of problems that are routed in the unseen areas of a project that is in progress . In some cases the continuum line that a project should follow after the initial phases or starting points is interrupted by all sorts of unexpected problems that can be looked at as mistakes or simply as points that could not be anticipated in the early stages of development . The same functional recepy can be applied in all sorts of different field that have the common way of working . parallel lines that imply the same sort of type of operations but with different technical requirements can be seen or looked at as the features tat combine the things together and make them to be distant and related . A design process can be similar in a lot of cases with the process of putting a film together; the director is a designer that has to work with related tools that shape the outcome of things . A movie is a "designed bubble"( Tom Ford ) where the director has to control the process and make things become pragmatic and interrelated on different levels .
The beginning of every project brings elements together and puts the people that are implied into it in intense situations that have to deal with the problems of making things more connected and part of a relation between what can be considered the main or the specific feature of the project and the design statement that has to come
out of the main concept . The way a project is approached and the way things have to work both as routine and as part of the main plan . An important element that has to be thought of in the fact that there are a lot of auxiliary persons that have to take care of the things , details and management of the project in account .
In a lot of cases design can be seen in the form of an object or different forms but in some cases things can be quite different and change from one form to the outer and the process can define the outcome of what can be done and how it defines itself both in the case of a designed object and in the case of an designed second reality like in the example of a movie .

Process, Results

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Modular structures connected to a main core


One week in germany ... quite intense with a lot of places to see and to connect to . The trip to Germany was part of an workshop related to colors and what can colors mean as part of a context . With this occasion we went sightseeing . The places that where part of the excursion where connected mainly to architecture . It was an impressive moments and moments to go and see the Bauhaus school in Dessau and the houses that where build for artists by Walter Gropius. Walking around these places can take the visitor back in time and give one an idea about the atmosphere that was present in that places . The atmosphere is usually generated by people and by the events that are happening and in the case of these spaces things are quite different . The houses and the school, of Bauhaus can be strongly related to the beginnings of the modernist periods in Europe . The entire building is designed to accommodate in a simple and comfortable way the working and teaching spaces of the school . The building is divided in multiple areas and the building is a continuum bringing all the elements of the space together and making the interconnections needed with the help of elegant and integrated details. It is obvious that the building was designed by one mind and that things are controlled and directed in a certain way and with a certain style . Looking with different eyes to the whole space things can be redrawn and interrelated one with each other . The building is not only an architectural object but has also a sublime and discrete color palette that accentuates different angles , corners , walls and different elements that are part of the inside composition . The relation between the inside and the outside is quite clear making things to be transparent so the transition between the outside space and the inside is minimal . The houses that where build by Gropius where also designed in a modernist stile that could translate the aspirations of the time into an architectural object that hosted the functions of an atelier for an artist like Kandinski or Paul Clee ( both teachers at Bauhaus ) and the day to day functions that are part of any house ., living area , dormitory and private spaces . The houses are constructed from the smallest detail to the general plan , even the furniture in the house was designed to fit with the entire concept of the house . The next visit that we took was at the center of environment and building based in Dessau that has a strong interior space that divides the entire volume of the building in two strips that contain the functions that generate the interior space of the building . The inside space is divided by interior bridges that connect the two main strips of the building on different levels . This area also serves as a place for an interior garden and space for relaxation for the people that accommodate the building . The roof of the building was covered with solar panels making in this way the function of the building to be more obvious and environmental friendly .
Another place that was interesting as a combination of old and new architecture was the city of Leipzig . A city that is pretty big and has a lot to offer to a visitor and to the person that walks around as a turist , big spaces and interesting buildings all around the cityscape . One of the main attractions is the museum of modern art that is an impressive structure with a strong and monumental interior space . The building is designed as an volume that is covered with an double exterior skin that works both as facade and as a surface that directs the light in the space .
The museum has multiple levels and the collections that are hosted inside are quite diverse and amazing as time spam . From the classic figurative periods to the modern and postmodern times the museum has a lot to offer for a visitor and can make one stay for a lot of time in the minimalist spaces of the building .
Back to the landscape of the city Leipzig is a blend between different types of architecture from all periods , with highrise buildings that define the modern feeling of the city and buildings that are part of the former industrial age .
The old city offers the area of entertainment and makes things more connected to what a city should be , because of city without history cannot work on a mental level for the inhabitants .
The next stop was in Berlin a city that speaks for itself trough it's architecture and history . The city has large and spread neighborhoods with interesting features , also a strong infrastructure and places where to hand out and walk around and see interesting old and new architecture . The main squares of the city are filled with new architecture that has a high density and a strong diversity both as relation between the names that that generate it and the main buildings that can be looked at as architectural master pieces .
The night life of the city is also diverse and the places where one can hang out are interesting and can offer a lot as spaces and as music and people . Berlin can be an adventure and a continuous and adventure space that can give an insight on the way things where and will be .
The city has a strong community feeling and people are related and have a social interconnection that can be seen everywhere .