Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Design can be quite complex, it is a place that can bring interesting problems and make the relations that are part of the process quite chaotic in a lot of cases . All the practices that are related to design in any form tend to optimize the way clients and makers interact both in a working relation and as a communication of a specific problem or subject . There is alway a sort of enthusiasm related to the start point of a project , relation or design process that can be quickly overturned by all sorts of problems that are routed in the unseen areas of a project that is in progress . In some cases the continuum line that a project should follow after the initial phases or starting points is interrupted by all sorts of unexpected problems that can be looked at as mistakes or simply as points that could not be anticipated in the early stages of development . The same functional recepy can be applied in all sorts of different field that have the common way of working . parallel lines that imply the same sort of type of operations but with different technical requirements can be seen or looked at as the features tat combine the things together and make them to be distant and related . A design process can be similar in a lot of cases with the process of putting a film together; the director is a designer that has to work with related tools that shape the outcome of things . A movie is a "designed bubble"( Tom Ford ) where the director has to control the process and make things become pragmatic and interrelated on different levels .
The beginning of every project brings elements together and puts the people that are implied into it in intense situations that have to deal with the problems of making things more connected and part of a relation between what can be considered the main or the specific feature of the project and the design statement that has to come
out of the main concept . The way a project is approached and the way things have to work both as routine and as part of the main plan . An important element that has to be thought of in the fact that there are a lot of auxiliary persons that have to take care of the things , details and management of the project in account .
In a lot of cases design can be seen in the form of an object or different forms but in some cases things can be quite different and change from one form to the outer and the process can define the outcome of what can be done and how it defines itself both in the case of a designed object and in the case of an designed second reality like in the example of a movie .

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