Tuesday, June 17, 2008


And "So it goes" , mixed up facts , lights , so many things , loud music , people and people , "green" smoke and smoke , different sizes , slow movement trough the crowd and fast thoughts from some beats ; these are some words , propositions and facts that can describe the chaos theory based party nights that are present from from time to time .
The fact that sometimes you can be exposed to multiple and simultaneous events that can have the nature of being both on a sound or "music " level and as a visual escape level make things to transform from immediate repetition that a "normal" day can offer to an experience of losing the control and starting new pace on the rhythm of the sound .
In places like this the chaos theory works the best ; the mix that such a space can provide is huge and it happens on different levels , from the pissed people to the people that are jumping wild because of the touch of the Dj everything is in a sort of controlled chaos or a chaos that can be looked at as a space that can provide one with what can be considered spectacle and entertainment in the same time . The rhythm is the only element that can give the people the sensation of the connectivity and in some cases the waves of enthusiasm because of the tunes that are played .
Lyrics , tracks and sound waves all blend in the minds of everyone , It is a great spectacle and sometimes you can be faced with two options ; viewing things as a spectacle of sound image and people that are moving and feeling the music and surroundings . The second option is to go inside and to think about the inner universe that can be felt if perception helps one in finding some sort of inner calm in the sea of sound and chaos , things can be reduced from general to singular and moments expand or compress because of the feeling of the moment. It is not easy to "feel" things especially in a moment when lyrics and outer music factors that derive from the high density of musicians dj's or sound makers . All these elements combined can give birth to a strong ,weird, non lyrical , electric , surreal ( depends on the mood or state in witch one can find itself ;) ) , base based , linear , mixed , interlaced ( sounds good ) and social dada cocktail that can keep things in a different or higher mind state for quite a while . Because of all these these factors the importance of what is important can become relative and things can be put in a different balance .
A night out can produce a lot of metaphors and these metaphors can rise or change on some level the way we look at the world .

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