Sunday, June 15, 2008


This weekend I went to the Trentemoller dj st that for some needs no comments . The evening started with an sort of warm up from Radar an Amsterdam resident that prepared the ground for what was coming . The sound was techno and cool everyone started enjoying the beats and slowly but surely people let themselves carried away by the intro .
The party has started and being stuck in a crowd can have it's advantages when Trentemoller is passing in front of you to go and prepare his sets .
As a dj he has a lot to offer and his sets where quite different from what can be heard from him in general and the influence of having also a live band can be heard in the way he is mixing things and constructs a diverse musical composition from both contemporary and older elements . The linear sound of progressive house or techno that has the common characteristic of having very few lyrics was blended with some popular tracks that where easy to recognized by the connoisseurs .
The outro of the evening was a continuation of the set by the Amsterdam resident Radar .

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