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Another place that is worth mentioning is the Rochadale one boat that was a russin cruse boat that was arrested in the port of Amsterdam and transformed into a student place . Th room in witch I was living on the boat was not a room but a cabine with a round window and a low seeling . The place was strange because of the fact that a room on a boat ins completely different from a room in building . Starting from the smell of the place , materials and amount of light that the room gets ( i lived on the last deck ) it is inevitable not to notice the differences between a boat and a real normal acomodation . The room was not a top place but it had to offer an exotic way of living and life stile . looking at things from a different perspective , The boat was a global and and international place full of students from all corners of the world . In this place I felt for the first time that my identity mutates and changes becoming more and more aware of the fact the that world is quite a big place filled with all kinds of different cultures . I felt naïve in the way I was interacting with my neighbors that where from spain , hungary poland , lithuania, austria , australian , brasil, Italy , the nederlands , asia .
The nights where quite interesting and everyone was in search for new friends and people that they can relate too . In the beginning people started sharing information about the place where they come and about their cultural background having in this way a departure point and a starting dialogue . The food and the dinners in the shared kitchen played an important role for the social atmosphere of the place . The last deck of the boat had a bar with a beautiful view over the port and every weekend there was a party that happened in that place .
This was the first place where I started experiencing and feeling the fact that the world in becoming a global place and that cultures from different places can share the same place and communicate without major problems .
Another place that was interesting was a community in the west of the city where people where like a family with rules and meeting that where related to administrative issues and problems . In this place i realised what a community is and how should things function and develop in a place where the inhabitants know themselves and share the same space and help and develop themselves together .
It was a place full of energy and interesting vibes that was empty without the inhabitants , the place was loosing it's charm in when nobody was home .
The las place that I want to mention was a building that reminded me of the communist period and of the flats that where build in that period in the country where I lived before. The flat building was small and with the same typology of space as the communist apartments . The room with the same dimension and the position of the space was in a place where you could feel the emptiness of outer apartment buildings carved out o concrete . In this place too there where people from outer places of the world and it was my neighbors where from Corea and the states . The common place of meeting was the kitchen and living in that place made me think about the way I lived my childhood in the period of the red curtain . So living in a city that has over 170 cultures can create new and interesting perspectives for one wanderer .
The way I experienced the places and theyr vibed took with my thought towards the ideeas of Marcel Duchamp who was sayng about some buildings that they can speak with him or that he can hear theyr history .


After visiting the Le Corbusier exhibition from the architecture bienalle that took place in Rotterdam I started asking myself questions related to the way architectural thinking works and what are the main factors that can shape an architect and his ideas and inspiration . Looking at the architectural products that can be related to Le Corbusier I arrived at some conclusions that can I consider related to the way the thought about architecture and what keep his inspiration alive for a long period of time . He had two personas : one artist persona ;he was producing paintings and sculptures that where part of his artistic intelect and the architect Le Corbusier that was inspired by the zeithgeisth of the moment in time in this way generating architectural works that where related to the technical and social innovations that where part of the time spam of his life .
The way he saw the innovations of the time where reflected in the way he was producing architectural works ; his buildings had strong relations both conceptually and formally with automobiles , boats and trains that at that point in time where new , cutting edge and becoming the main support for mobility and communicational infrastructure of the society . The everyday objects and the way that they where used and what they represent created some strong conceptual dilemmas in the way Le Corbusier was thinking and seeing architecture . The immersion in the zeithgeisth of the time transformed the designs in new pieces that had a common language with the main features of the technological innovations of the time . His architecture is not poetic but rational and functional ; he reflected his poetics in the way he was painting and making artworks dividing in this way his thoughts and the realm of architecture from the realm of art leaving the last one a place where he could express his more abstract thoughts .
The example of Le Corbusier is not the only one that is related to zeithgeisth , Tom Ford the fashion designer that transformed the way we see fashion had similar theories regarding design . Fashion is changing fast and his designs where related to the feeling of the time producing in this way clothing , campaigns and the image of the House of Gucci related to the features of the season . As a designer there are manny options and theories that can generate a specific style that makes one known and original . The factors that can be part and influence the process of creation can be internal or external like in the case of Luigi Colany that made a statement about why he designs and what makes him to design , his answer was the external world that he sometimes sees as ugly and this triggers in him the desire of starting a new design . Back to Tom Ford , he made statements related to why he designs and what is the drive behind his passion for design , he said that it is an internal thing that comes naturally to him . In the same time he took the concept of design forward by explaining why he sees movies as design projects too . A film for his as a designer is a project in witch the director decides the way the story happens and how the plot and the characters act and evolve in the story line.
To design is a complex operation and requires a way of thinking and research in a specific direction and a fine aesthetical formed eye that see beyond what an object usually represents . Design is a way of
reinterpreting reality and bend the formal language of what reality means both conceptually and figurative . In this way artists like Margrite that made that made statements with the painting Ceci nes't pas un pipe expressed exactly how you can play with the figurative language of the reality and how can an artist or designer can create a polemic trough different mediums ( painting , photography , scuplture , design or architecture ) . All these arts are relate because of the visual abilities that the maker or the creator has to have and use in the planning and creational process .
In contemporary society the tools of designing had changed and evolved from the working desk to the desktop of the computer witch allows different types of visualizations of the product in different stages . With the evolution of the tool so has design reached new realm and started becoming a different language both verbally and written . This phenomenon related to design can be seen and observed in the way software designers work and filtrate and represent in the new versions of the software design that comes out with new improvements the way we work and how can the process of designing be improved and the human computer interaction become more friendly .

The tools that we use can shape us so interaction is important in the case of the connection between human and computer. This way of thinking created a new satellite to the design profession that is the interaction designer . An interaction designer is designing scenarios and ways of working and interacting with outer users in an virtual environment . The interaction designer has create scenarios that can work and be interesting as unbuild environments where the rules of physics do not function anymore and in the real world . An interesting thing related to the virtual and to the online gaming is the fact that all the virtual environments are represented and function in the same way as the real world works , the rules of newtonian physics are the same as in the real world ,the apple can fall down from the tree like in the real world . This fact is what bothers me and makes me to think why as a representation humans feel the need to redesign reality in the virtual as a mirrored image that is based on the same spatial rules as the real world is . In this place the role of interaction designer comes into play : the interaction designer has the job to open the eyes of the user and make him dream and think about the possibilities that “ the virtual “ can offer both as a new environment and as a new physical reality .

Vernacular architecture

Some of the questions that I stumbled in my thoughts related to architecture where related to the way people and architects see , interpret and think about traditional architecture . personally I think that traditional way of building is changing fast because of factors like globalization , culture and the age of the star architect influence . Globalization makes one countries culture to enter in a state of mutation and tolerance thus making the people and the cultural interface of the place to morph into a new hybrid type of culture with new values and" traditions ". Architecture can and is in a lot of cases a reflection of the values that a specific nation or society has and cherish , and if those values are changed then so the aesthetics of the individuals will . Architecture is a complex process that can work both ways from individual to the mass and reverse ; in the case of traditional generated architecture the individual is the maker and the person that starts to express itself trough the means that architecture puts of display . Culture makes and generates a set of rules for social behavior and a way of looking at architecture and aesthetics in general ; the contemporary factors that interfere in the building process are the infuzion of a new type of culture and the influence that some famous architectural personalities can have on the architectural practice and the way outer architect , designers see trough this lens form , theory and the outer components that put together can react in an "chemical " way and give birth to what the word architecture (or on a different scale ) design can mean .
In contemporary society traditional architecture is under constant change and it cannot be associated anymore only with the country side lifestyle . Because of the urban development the traditional architecture is moving to the city and neighborhood and suburban areas can be considered the new interfaces for generating a sort of form of suburban vernacular architecture that can wildly spread and become subculture and a new way looking at what tradition means .
On a bigger scale satellite cities can be seen as places where tradition can flourish and develop because of the way these cities are platforms for different functions for the main cities . The culture of these small places can be also seen as connected to the functions of the city . Politics are also an important factor that can influence what is considered traditional and how the things can work and evolve as concepts and future traditions . In a lot of cases tradition does not exist anymore and it is does not have the importance that was related to it in the past . Vernacular architecture can become an artefact that can exist in a specific place with a specific set of rules that are working together with the habitat .
Wondering trough the city can open up new perspectives related to the way we understand and experience the city or a specific place in the first place . The way we experience it is related and determined by all kinds of different factors like the history ,urban composition , buildings , population and on some level the culture of the place that is usually generated by external factors . A city is not a flat place to experience ; in many cases or points it can change from one type of order to another , urbanism can play a lot of roles in small places . In the same time the ideas related to urbanism from one period of time can be influenced by politics , mutation , system changes o failure . So if we take the cityscape and we start analyze it we can observe the fact that the city is made from different parts or elements that are articulated in an organic way . These fractions or pieces of urban tissue make and are part of the whole city as seen in perspective . Sometimes these parts are no longer compatible with the main ideea of the urban plan so the buildings enter in a sort of restauration or refunctionalization mode . Transforming these buildings can be part of a bigger program or development driven business . Development can be a strong factor in the way a city works and mutates . The architectural enterprises go hand in hand with development and in a big percent of the cases the way developers and architects or designers work together can have a significant influence on the outcome of things . The flow of the construction process is important too and the management of the relation between the way architects see the things and the way developers face the problem of the given site can transform and change the way things work on social and economical level in different parts of the city or in different parts of the same urban tissue . The way an area expands and hosts different and new types of functions is important for the area and outer parts of the city . The architects are put in the position of the creator of future for the specific space . The architectural design of the building or the complex of buildings has to carry the element of attraction for outer small and medium developers or businesses . In this way a pole can be created and satellites can form around the place or the complex.
The whole process of interaction between designers and developers can be a construction in it's own right and in a lot of cases it has to be fine tuned because of the auxiliary factors that have a determining role for the future of the project .The managerial decisions have a big impact on the way things work and in a lot of cases maintaining a managerial awareness has to be part of an architect's approach .
A city can have hidden potential in the zones that are former industrial buildings or buildings that have outer functions . These kind of buildings can accommodate different kinds of programs because they have free and opened space that can be considered and classified as a high modernist idea > these spaces can accommodate multiple functions and in this way generate a mix-used program for the specific site . Another important factor is the fact that the structures are already there so the costs of the construction .
High modernists ideas are easy to be considered for this type of projects because of the their statement regarding the space . Modernists said the they will create singular spaces that can accommodate any type of function thus halls and remote spaces that are found in the suburbs of cities can be put in the same category .

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Almere visit

Almere is one of the smallest town in the Nederlands with a population that is around 200 000 inhabitants . The city is new starting from the detailes to the urban planing that is was the result of multiple minds . The visit was impressive not because of the scale of the buildings that are average but because of the fact that everywhere there is a strange newness and as a visitor one can feel that the city is expanding ( the plans are to reach by 2030 the population of 350 000 inhabitants ) . The city is dense and vibrant . One amazing thing about it is the fact that the density of good architecture is extremely high ; the big names are present everywhere : Rem Koolhaas , Mvrdv, Un Studios and Kazuyo Sejima & Ryue Nashizawa are the main ones and their creations are put together in an urban maze that is accentuating each creation as an individual architectural object . As a project the city center is fascinating both from the point of view of the person that walks trough the city that can be seen as a maze and as a space for promenade that is transforming from one building to the other . There are common elements that combine and determine the way the space is perceived by the viewer .The construction is complex and full of suprises and buildings that can be seen as working together and individually . The main city center is elevated from the 0 level of the city to a + 6 meters under witch the cities parking and some circulation is hidden leaving the top part for pedestrian circulation and retail activities .
The articulation between the elevated zone and the outer parts of the cities are made by architects that had the specific assignment to develop these areas trough different methods .
The space is interesting because it has no history and the inhabitants of a city need the historical element with witch to connect relate too , people need past as much as future . In the case of Alemere this is different the way things are constructed and arranged both compositionally and functionally give this city the illusion of a continuous present time . The center is the point were activities combine and generate the mix of programs that usually is found in a central area of a city (cultural nucleus, shopping , entertainment , restaurants and a media complex)
At first sight things can be interpreted a chaotic and with no notion of straightness in the way the buildings are arranged and built because there are no straight streets
the spaces are angular and the trajectories of the circulations produce visual connections between important points of the general space .
The city is still in an incipient faze but it has much to offer because of the way it is expanding and reaching soon the critical mass of inhabitants. When the number of inhabitants will reach this number the construction of new housing will continue and develop into a new area that will be attached urbanistically to the rest of the city like a small satellite designed for housing and accommodation . In the same way things will developed in the future , the houses will be added to the city in new layers making in this way the development of the city to enter in a progressive sort of evolution .
The way the city was conceived is important too because of the way architects had thought about an evolution of it and pre-programed a development project too with it .The city of alemere can be considered an example for development and program related architecture that can evolve, multiply and become a landmark in the same time .

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Architecture can be seen as a composition of elements ; some real and related to the physical world and subjected to the laws of physics , some theoretical that are derivate from the theoretical side of the architectural practice and other elements come from the boundaries of imagination . The last ones that are connected and are subjected to the realm of the imaginary can be see as notions of originality and in many cases can rise from the architectural process , from the way architects see a project or from the way an architect can interpret or generate a project . In a project that has to deal with multiple layers and stages of formation and in some cases information the imaginary elements can come out as conclusion or they can arise from a searching process . this process of searching can be seen as an analysis upon a specific case that has to be solved in the timeline of the project. the search can be seen as a research or as part of the architect's statement .
Many techniques of producing architecture can release the imagination and establish new boundaries in the way architecture is seen and perceived by the users but the elements that are part of this realm can become hard to put in practice because of outer stages of the process . the imaginary is strongly related to the theoretical part of the architectural practice because theoretical systems can be seen as fundament or point of departure for what can the imaginative produce .
Sometimes the imaginative side of the architectural outcome can be subjected to external factors as the specific desires of the client who is bombarded with all sorts of contemporary architectural images and starts to think in a comparison way and his imagination is stimulated by these images that are presented in one form or the outer . Trough the element of imagination architecture can aspire and explore new boundaries that that relate form , function , texture and what the process can be or mutate into because of the different necessity that clients have .
Imagination is divided into different parts as well because of the way the craft functions ; it is an element omnipresent in the process of building because of the constraints that are subjecting the practice . In this way there is place on every level for a creative approach and imaginative elements implementation .
Elements related to imagination and how they are materialized in some cases can become source of debate in many cases ,
starting from how the critics see them to how they function in real examples .

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Cities on the move

Can migration be considered an architectural process ? if we should answer to this question we have to consider the way migration works what are the factors that generate migration and how can migration influence the topography and the composition of a city . The factors that can influence migration are several and in general migration is a group event that happens in a time spam as a phenomenon . Some factors that can generate such process have different features , economical , political , identity related ( the case of people that cannot identify with the place where they where born ) or transitional . The last case is an interesting one because of the way it can be seen in relation with politics and with the economical system . Each individual that is part of a social system ruled by politics that at one point in time can change ,has to reaccomodate to the new rules of the social system and start putting in ecuation new perspectives and new possibilities related to the professional life . In some cases this does not happen and some individuals do not change their views on the world according to the mutations that take place in the political system from witch they are part of thus obliging them to reaffirm themselves in a new political system and a new social ordering . This way of looking at things can be seen as double sided because of the one way approach that professionals can have towards problems in general or the discipline change that outer individuals can assume because of the changes that can happen in a tranzitory process . The example related to the professional can be centred around the way a professional can have one value in one political system and another value in a different environment . So migration can be seen as some sort of effect that is produced because the way people are related to their work and the way some can adapt to a new set of rules that comes with a specific change .
In contemporary society cities are not anymore part of a conglomerate of people that can be called country . A city is an independent structure or satellite that has in many cases an identity to witch the inhabitants can relate see as a sort of common identity . A city can become a brand and develop in a direction that can bring common activities and work activities on a level that can leave a equal sense or direction in the mind of everyone . The brand as a city can change in time being influenced by the population and the aspiration and the main message with witch they identify as population or inhabitants of the city . On the same level things can be redirected on a bigger scale and seen from different angles of development . The evolution of a city and of the population from that place is connected with unseen factors like the networks of people that are generated by the arrival of new people , the way these networks develop in a space that is not only part of one group of people but it is generated by the waves of people that come and start or renew their lives in the space of the city .
The way networks collaborate and unction is also important because the collaborations between different branches and people can have an outcome that can influence and develop new directions for different types of work . In some cases from the cooperation between different branches that are operating in the same space the outcome can be some sort of mutation , hybrid discipline or craft that can be considered part of a new way of looking at things and in the same time generator for future crafts . The way networks collaborate and develop can impose a sort of dynamism to the social city life because of the emergence of situations that make the people that are part of different crafts and branches to find common ground and ideas that sometimes can become political or negotiation result .
The migration process can be a hard one too because of the way people can stick to their traditions and
not let go of their beliefs related to concepts that can change in an urban environment . The people are the ones that generate the city , the activities that make the city alive and the ones that imprint the main economical and stylistic notion of what the city is and can be .
A brand is a complex notion and sometimes a city can be more than a brand or redirect the ideas behind the brand . In all these cases cities can be seen from laboratories and generators of ideas and new economical systems to conglomerates of peoples that are mixed together and live in some sort of symbiosis .


Tuesday, January 15, 2008


After reading a cyborg's manifesto by Donna Haraway a scholar and in interesting figure with multidisciplinary background I started asking myself a set of questions related to my childhood sicence fiction immersion and the movies that where placed in the near future and populated by androids , robots and cyborgs .
The science fiction movies offer a good start as an imaginative universe and stimulating place for the mind to think about the future and the blend between the artificial and the natural . Cyborgs are creatures that are part living tissue and part machine having the best of both worlds being an entity of “both fiction and lived social reality “ . What makes me wonder is the fact that the technological evolution of society is placing the citizen and the human more close to what the main characteristics of a cyborgs are . In the last few years the increasing technological developments in the field of communications made mobile phones ,digital cameras become elements attached to our bodies witch we use as extensions of our brain and eyes . We are living in a primordial soup of aparature that invade our private live and help us to transmit information when is needed . So if we think about things literary we can draw the conclusion of that we are already can look at ourselves as cyborgs and organisms that base our daily existence on this technology and use it to connect and to make our lives easier and more practical .
In the science fiction movies we can see that things go further and the characters are artificial organisms that are part human or animal and part machine . This kind of blend is not that because of the way technology is evolving and the rapid evolution in the need of a more friendly human computer interface that should improve the way communication and interaction in the virtual environment is made . Donna Haraway teacher at the European school of graduates makes a comparison between different terms that are actual and will be future. the terms are taken from all kinds of different social , technological and cultural fields .
Representation -Simulation
Bourgeois novel , realism -Science Fiction , postmodernism
Organism -Biotic component
Heat -Noise
Biology as clinical practice -Biology as inscription
Physiology-Communication engineering
Small group-subsystem
Eugenics-Population control
Decadence ,Magic mountain -Obsolescence future shock
Organic division of labour -ergonomics /cybernetics of labour
Hygiene -Stress management
Functional specialization -modular construction
Organic sex role specialization-Optimal genetic strategies
Biological determinism -evolutionary inertia , constraints
Community ecology-ecosystem
Racial chain of being -Neo-imperialism , United nations , humanism
Scientific management in home/factory -global factory electronic cottage
Home, market , factory -woman in the integrated circuit
Family wage -comparable worth
Public\private -cyborg citizenship
Nature \culture -fields of difference
Cooperation-communication enhancement
Freud -Lacan
Sex -genetic engineering
Mind-artificial intelligence

Second world war -star wars
White capitalist patriarchy -Informatics of domination
These term transitions are quite hard to explain but in some examples things can be pictured quite well and the concepts behind the word play is obvious .

Monday, January 14, 2008

Gaming and movies

Computer games became in the last few years strong inspirational sources for the entertainement industry and for the movie world in general . There where some movie directors that took the spirith of the virtual gaming reality and translated it to movies that had the core concept designed after the plot of the game with characters that where respecting the main features given by the game . A lot of games have interesting landscapes and they are placed in a imaginary or science fiction environments that shape the scenario and the way the game looks . The transition process to the movie world transforms the landscapes into “real “ places and gives a human side to the characters of the games transforming them from avatar like characters that are empty until they get animated by the user of the game , to real characters that are interpreted by actors and follow the story line given by the director and the scenario.
A film is different from a movie and it has a more human sited to witch the viewer can related giving a different perspective on things than the avatar like virtual experience can generate .The interaction experience that a movie gives makes things become different and blend with the human perception of things that is different from the way a user interacts with the main game character in the gaming world .
Part of the same way of looking at things is the story line that is different in the game that can have levels and a straight chain of events that are put together to form the story of the game , the move story line has much more interventions from the outside and has cinematic elements that are included in the way the story evolves .
In a game the main characters have specific tasks and have a mechanic aura , they do not have a represented intelligence as the characters that are found in the movie world interpreted by humans and not by avatars .
What can be considered intriguing is the fact that there is a reverse way of producing things in the entertainment industry the directors are inspired by the story line of the game and not reverse like the normal way in witch the things usually happen . Games are a powerful source of inspiration making the link between what can be see as the virtual generated reality and the real ; giving a real experience to the user with the help of the human computer interface that is composed out of the mouse , helmets , monitor and keyboard ( at the moment ) . The transformation process that is required to transform an game to an actual movie can be difficult because of the changes that are happening in the perspective of the viewer that is accustomed with the view given by the game reality and by way things work n the virtual world . The movie has to have imprinted on it and transmit in some way the start idea of the game and of the virtual space that generates the virtual experience . The director in this case is faced with the task of respecting the rules , characters , story line and in some cases the graphical look of the game to express in a more accurate way the atmosphere of the game . So the outcome of the movie can be seen as collage of ideas that come form the gaming world and from the director's mind that puts together the pieces of the puzzle that can is the movie .
This types of movies bring together two separate branches of the entertainment industry , putting the director in the posture where the start is already given and present in the mind of the viewer because of the previous encounter with the game and with the story on witch the game is based on and designed .
Another important part of the process is the fact that the movie has to be a collaboration between the mind of the director and the mind of the interaction designer that creates the order in witch the events are happening .
A question that makes things interesting is the one related to the reality of the virtual and the fact that rendered environment have more and more a real aura because on the accurate computer generated images that form the game . As a development process we can follow the examples of early versions of popular games like Doom or the Prince of Persia that evolved in a relative short while and transformed from a two dimensional game experience to a tridimensional experience that has phisics incorporated in the action of the game and the sound interface and the details are much more evolved and better defined .
The games can be seen as a movie experience that is different from the real movie experience because of the fact the is user centered and the characters are not humans are avatars so they interact in that way.
The process of transforming a game into a movie is not a usual one and it requires a whole different perspective and approach of the story that is the common ground for both the game and the movie . On a different level there is the connection between the viewer and the game itself that is quite an important factor because the viewer has experienced the game story and played with the caracters being in a director like posture

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Some work from the artist Michael Beijer ; I met Michael two years ago at the Rietveld academy where he was working on projects related to fine art , radio broadcast , personal videos, music and a project related to the history of television . His work is a mix of a whole range of things like street art , punk , fries , advertising , said city , dada , poetry , empty beers , keyboard , hardrive , squad parties , performance , top bottom , Dj ing , smullers, train , a different view , taller , rabbit , pony , overtoom 301, horse move . He was one of the first people who started working in radio rietveld and gave out good music programs and dj ing .His art is quite interesting ,a mix of abstract drawings , collages, dada texts and personal opinions that mark things and become a message , cyber art and different a way of working with all types of mediums is a marking style that defines his work .In the same time his work was making the connection between the underground world of the school and artist life and the surface of the everyday live trough the “reports from the underground series of videos “ and trough the parties at witch he was inviting me and the rest of the student . One of the parties at witch Michael played was held in a former industrial hall that was squaded by a group of students from the school . At that moment there where two rusty in one of them a band where Michael was playing and in the outer a Dj that was experimenting with techno and some sort of trance music > The ambiance was strange and different from what could seem as a normal party the projections on the walls where edited parts of movies like Apocalypse Now and some outer psychological thrillers , people where dressed in a trashy but fashionable way , and the humid atmosphere that was omnipresent because of the constant rain and the holes in the sealing made things much more gray but full of energy . The second place where I assisted at a audio-visual performance that was basically a simple combination between sounds made with cheap electronics and a slideshow with drawings was held in a subcultural center in the middle of Amsterdam where for a whole evening artists performed with noises and visuals that where completely different from what is a normal Vj/Dj collaboration in witch the visuals are related to the soundscape of the music and they are in a constant mutation or organic transition from one set of images to the next . The performance was a way of immersing for both the artist and the viewer transforming the studio like space in a alien space dominated by the noise of the electronics and the whispering of the people that where present in the space, for a few hours . Michael's work a mixture of different mediums is formed out of graphical sensitive drawings with bits and pieces of biographical and statement type of information included in the layers of the drawings that have a graffiti like quality
and composition . Mixtures of rough techniques I consider Michael a complete artist that is expressing himself trough a whole range and array of mediums making art that is different from the usual work that can be seen in the circles of Rietveld artists. I say that because in some cases schools , or all kinds of systems can have a strong effect on the way a student or pupil sees the world and reacts trough the medium of art( whatever would that be )