Thursday, January 10, 2008


Some work from the artist Michael Beijer ; I met Michael two years ago at the Rietveld academy where he was working on projects related to fine art , radio broadcast , personal videos, music and a project related to the history of television . His work is a mix of a whole range of things like street art , punk , fries , advertising , said city , dada , poetry , empty beers , keyboard , hardrive , squad parties , performance , top bottom , Dj ing , smullers, train , a different view , taller , rabbit , pony , overtoom 301, horse move . He was one of the first people who started working in radio rietveld and gave out good music programs and dj ing .His art is quite interesting ,a mix of abstract drawings , collages, dada texts and personal opinions that mark things and become a message , cyber art and different a way of working with all types of mediums is a marking style that defines his work .In the same time his work was making the connection between the underground world of the school and artist life and the surface of the everyday live trough the “reports from the underground series of videos “ and trough the parties at witch he was inviting me and the rest of the student . One of the parties at witch Michael played was held in a former industrial hall that was squaded by a group of students from the school . At that moment there where two rusty in one of them a band where Michael was playing and in the outer a Dj that was experimenting with techno and some sort of trance music > The ambiance was strange and different from what could seem as a normal party the projections on the walls where edited parts of movies like Apocalypse Now and some outer psychological thrillers , people where dressed in a trashy but fashionable way , and the humid atmosphere that was omnipresent because of the constant rain and the holes in the sealing made things much more gray but full of energy . The second place where I assisted at a audio-visual performance that was basically a simple combination between sounds made with cheap electronics and a slideshow with drawings was held in a subcultural center in the middle of Amsterdam where for a whole evening artists performed with noises and visuals that where completely different from what is a normal Vj/Dj collaboration in witch the visuals are related to the soundscape of the music and they are in a constant mutation or organic transition from one set of images to the next . The performance was a way of immersing for both the artist and the viewer transforming the studio like space in a alien space dominated by the noise of the electronics and the whispering of the people that where present in the space, for a few hours . Michael's work a mixture of different mediums is formed out of graphical sensitive drawings with bits and pieces of biographical and statement type of information included in the layers of the drawings that have a graffiti like quality
and composition . Mixtures of rough techniques I consider Michael a complete artist that is expressing himself trough a whole range and array of mediums making art that is different from the usual work that can be seen in the circles of Rietveld artists. I say that because in some cases schools , or all kinds of systems can have a strong effect on the way a student or pupil sees the world and reacts trough the medium of art( whatever would that be )

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