Monday, January 14, 2008

Gaming and movies

Computer games became in the last few years strong inspirational sources for the entertainement industry and for the movie world in general . There where some movie directors that took the spirith of the virtual gaming reality and translated it to movies that had the core concept designed after the plot of the game with characters that where respecting the main features given by the game . A lot of games have interesting landscapes and they are placed in a imaginary or science fiction environments that shape the scenario and the way the game looks . The transition process to the movie world transforms the landscapes into “real “ places and gives a human side to the characters of the games transforming them from avatar like characters that are empty until they get animated by the user of the game , to real characters that are interpreted by actors and follow the story line given by the director and the scenario.
A film is different from a movie and it has a more human sited to witch the viewer can related giving a different perspective on things than the avatar like virtual experience can generate .The interaction experience that a movie gives makes things become different and blend with the human perception of things that is different from the way a user interacts with the main game character in the gaming world .
Part of the same way of looking at things is the story line that is different in the game that can have levels and a straight chain of events that are put together to form the story of the game , the move story line has much more interventions from the outside and has cinematic elements that are included in the way the story evolves .
In a game the main characters have specific tasks and have a mechanic aura , they do not have a represented intelligence as the characters that are found in the movie world interpreted by humans and not by avatars .
What can be considered intriguing is the fact that there is a reverse way of producing things in the entertainment industry the directors are inspired by the story line of the game and not reverse like the normal way in witch the things usually happen . Games are a powerful source of inspiration making the link between what can be see as the virtual generated reality and the real ; giving a real experience to the user with the help of the human computer interface that is composed out of the mouse , helmets , monitor and keyboard ( at the moment ) . The transformation process that is required to transform an game to an actual movie can be difficult because of the changes that are happening in the perspective of the viewer that is accustomed with the view given by the game reality and by way things work n the virtual world . The movie has to have imprinted on it and transmit in some way the start idea of the game and of the virtual space that generates the virtual experience . The director in this case is faced with the task of respecting the rules , characters , story line and in some cases the graphical look of the game to express in a more accurate way the atmosphere of the game . So the outcome of the movie can be seen as collage of ideas that come form the gaming world and from the director's mind that puts together the pieces of the puzzle that can is the movie .
This types of movies bring together two separate branches of the entertainment industry , putting the director in the posture where the start is already given and present in the mind of the viewer because of the previous encounter with the game and with the story on witch the game is based on and designed .
Another important part of the process is the fact that the movie has to be a collaboration between the mind of the director and the mind of the interaction designer that creates the order in witch the events are happening .
A question that makes things interesting is the one related to the reality of the virtual and the fact that rendered environment have more and more a real aura because on the accurate computer generated images that form the game . As a development process we can follow the examples of early versions of popular games like Doom or the Prince of Persia that evolved in a relative short while and transformed from a two dimensional game experience to a tridimensional experience that has phisics incorporated in the action of the game and the sound interface and the details are much more evolved and better defined .
The games can be seen as a movie experience that is different from the real movie experience because of the fact the is user centered and the characters are not humans are avatars so they interact in that way.
The process of transforming a game into a movie is not a usual one and it requires a whole different perspective and approach of the story that is the common ground for both the game and the movie . On a different level there is the connection between the viewer and the game itself that is quite an important factor because the viewer has experienced the game story and played with the caracters being in a director like posture

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