Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Future web ,

After the two versions of the world wide web predictions are made about the future or the next step in what is called web 2.0 . At this point the world wide web has a large spread and it gathers a lot of online applications that are multipurpose oriented . Networks , new ways of communications and new environments like second life had appeared and are hosted by the web . There are a few directions in witch the things could go and they are related to the factors that are generated by the users . The way people in general use and develop applications for the web is an important factor in how things are and will evolve . there are some scenarios that try to capture the essence of how the things will look in the near future . One of the main idea is related to the appearance of the web as virtual space or as William Gibson said ( and invented the term ) “ cyberspace “ . It's not a physical realm but it is a form of space even if it is found in the servers or the cables or the wireless invisible networks that surround us.
One scenarios about how will the internet “ look “ in the next few years started from two main ideas that are already in use . The first one is the the notion of “cyberspace” and the fact that more or less it is a space that we are talking about ; and the second one is the increasing popularity of the game second life that is a self contained virtual but real universe were real marketing rules are applied and the scenario is a mirrored real world were avatars interact and behave conform real social rules . These two
main concepts that are already used took the ideas related to what will the next stage of the evolutionary path of the web towards one direction that is the direction of a 3D representation of the virtual space , being more specific the web could look like an chain of 3D represented space where users could interact with the help of different avatars or applications . This scenario would more likely take the things back to the science fiction scenarios presented in movies like “Johnny Mnemonic” or “The lawnmower man “made after a Stephen King novel . In both these movies the world wide web is represented with the help of tridimensional spaces where the human computer interface is much more natural then it is now and the web can be touched and experienced on a physical level not only at a visual one as it is now . I the same time this approach of things will transform and include ad allow in the world wide web huge system the aperance of artificial inteligence and subsystem that are intelligent and can read and process information ( at this point all applications on the web can be read only by humans )
The second scenario related to the way the web will look in the near future is influenced by factors that are connected to the evolution in the computing systems and advances in the application that populate the word of the web . Computer graphics will have a strong contribution to the evolution of the the web and in general things that are seen as terminals and in a lot of cases terminal elements that are simplified or made more user friendly can have a big contribution to the evolution of the web . one example was the invention of the mouse that is a terminal and a simple element that changed almost every aspect of the way we are browsing and using the computers at this moment in time . Going back in history we can see the same reaction and connections between things but in a different medium , the medium of the television, where the invention of the remote control changed completely the way people saw the television set . Things became more commode for the user and the fact that distance became smaller because of the short time reaction the remote control offered the TV set became a friendly element in the everyday life , a singular window to the world with multiple views that where changed from the remote control . The world wide web is different even if we can connect somehow with the help of our imagination the TV set with the computer the views that the both of the offer are different . The web is a virtual “ space “the contains as a content , information , data's , applications ,software and even economical systems and communities that can interact in an organic and normal way making space for an unpredictable outcome the depends as subsystem to all kinds of factors like connection speed and maketing abilities.
These two directions can become reality and the future of the present stage of the web that is the marketing term web 2.0 that has already presence in the real world trough different type of applications and real world objects tagging possibilities that are offered by different softwares .

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