Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Another place that is worth mentioning is the Rochadale one boat that was a russin cruse boat that was arrested in the port of Amsterdam and transformed into a student place . Th room in witch I was living on the boat was not a room but a cabine with a round window and a low seeling . The place was strange because of the fact that a room on a boat ins completely different from a room in building . Starting from the smell of the place , materials and amount of light that the room gets ( i lived on the last deck ) it is inevitable not to notice the differences between a boat and a real normal acomodation . The room was not a top place but it had to offer an exotic way of living and life stile . looking at things from a different perspective , The boat was a global and and international place full of students from all corners of the world . In this place I felt for the first time that my identity mutates and changes becoming more and more aware of the fact the that world is quite a big place filled with all kinds of different cultures . I felt naïve in the way I was interacting with my neighbors that where from spain , hungary poland , lithuania, austria , australian , brasil, Italy , the nederlands , asia .
The nights where quite interesting and everyone was in search for new friends and people that they can relate too . In the beginning people started sharing information about the place where they come and about their cultural background having in this way a departure point and a starting dialogue . The food and the dinners in the shared kitchen played an important role for the social atmosphere of the place . The last deck of the boat had a bar with a beautiful view over the port and every weekend there was a party that happened in that place .
This was the first place where I started experiencing and feeling the fact that the world in becoming a global place and that cultures from different places can share the same place and communicate without major problems .
Another place that was interesting was a community in the west of the city where people where like a family with rules and meeting that where related to administrative issues and problems . In this place i realised what a community is and how should things function and develop in a place where the inhabitants know themselves and share the same space and help and develop themselves together .
It was a place full of energy and interesting vibes that was empty without the inhabitants , the place was loosing it's charm in when nobody was home .
The las place that I want to mention was a building that reminded me of the communist period and of the flats that where build in that period in the country where I lived before. The flat building was small and with the same typology of space as the communist apartments . The room with the same dimension and the position of the space was in a place where you could feel the emptiness of outer apartment buildings carved out o concrete . In this place too there where people from outer places of the world and it was my neighbors where from Corea and the states . The common place of meeting was the kitchen and living in that place made me think about the way I lived my childhood in the period of the red curtain . So living in a city that has over 170 cultures can create new and interesting perspectives for one wanderer .
The way I experienced the places and theyr vibed took with my thought towards the ideeas of Marcel Duchamp who was sayng about some buildings that they can speak with him or that he can hear theyr history .

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