Friday, February 1, 2008


Does architecture still need a traditional way of thinking and building ? or can it go beyond the "rules " of traditional thinking and building . An important part of the architectural process is the way the concept is put together and how it functions as an end result . The concept to be able to work it requires a theoretical backup that in most cases contains traditional and past rules and compositional regulations that can be seen or considered as architectural theory . In usual cases there is a sketch a discussion and a filter that takes the problems and the unknowns in the design equation and solves them . This filter is the architectural designer that establishes form the beginning the parameters of the building both conceptually and theoretically .
The design process is a mixed faze in the creation of the building . In this mixed part of the process mind and technology merge and put together the final drawings and models for the building. Because of the fact that technology started advancing in a rapid way and 3 dimensional modeling is accessible on a large scale creates a new type of balance between the way things can be imagined and presented to the viewer to the public . Technology started putting the architect in a new position from witch the decisions that are connected to the concept have to be looked at in a new spotlight . The balance does not gravitate anymore between a master architect that uses conceptual skills and information related to architectural history and the designer that transforms the knowledge into the architectural product . Things are changing and this way of thinking and working is already part of the past . The new ways in witch architecture works are much more related to expression , interconnection , development , integration program and relation between the imagination and architectural and design software . Computer generated forms can go beyond the traditional way of generating composition and all the efforts that are related to the way things worked in the past are useless in the new environment of today's world . The theories that where used in the past cannot be applied anymore in the virtual modeling space that is the new transitory space of architecture . A lot of architects and designers start to construct theIr concepts based on rules that are inspired by the multiple possibilities that architectural software allows and can generate . The new type of design is not thought anymore with pen and paper but with the muse and the information access that the web allows . The classical themes that are related to design are disappearing and are replaced by people that take technology and what it allows both formally and theoretically in a serious way. The architect has to rethink the way he imagines spaces , functions , forms and movement according to the new tools that are available . The tools influence the way we build and what we imagine and how far do we go with things . Imagination has to restructure and has to start working in an reverse way . A way in witch a new type of conceptual pure approach towards the building process can be achieved is to redesign theory and to get rid of the old dogmas of the "traditional ". Traditional has to be replaced by the word trend and architecture to be become eliberate from the local notion of things .The conclusion is that architecture both as practice and as theory has to displace itself from the idealized way of functioning because the software development has reached such development level that it allows the implementation of a new way of thinking in the architectural field .

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