Saturday, February 9, 2008

Architectural elements

Architecture is a composition that consists from different forms, spaces , ideas, concepts and functions. The space as an created object is a composition that hosts functions that have a broad range of usage . The elements that make the architectural composition are not the floors or the way functions are distributed trough the space of the construction but on the contrary the composition is made out of elements like positive spaces and negative , circulation percentage , light enclosure , junk space and outer kinds of things that all put together make the space functional and with and esthetic feel . architecture is made out of systems and subsystems that all generate together the outcome that is the building with it's functions . In a lot of cases circulation hubs and signaling signs that are found in the building can be considered useless elements that do not require a specific attention but these theories might be wrong because of the fact that architecture is experienced trough the eyes of the viewer and the viewer has human proportions that make all these details to have a different value . The proportions of a space can be a factor that changes the strategy of construction and makes the process become slightly different and things that might seem at first hand unimportant can acquire a signifiant importance in the upcoming phases of the process of building .
Mies van de Rohe said that " god is in the details " and that can be considered quite an important quote because of the way we can look at architecture trough the prism of this quote that elevates the detail to a new level . Thinking about this quote we can imagine the fact that architecture is a puzzle of details and in a composition where there is an abundance of details they have strong position on the priority list that is connected to the project.
A building or a group of buildings is constructed step by step with a rhythm that varies from one stage to the outer , making in this way the the process of producing architecture a chaotic one . Architecture is a collaborative environment that requires in some cases a person or a group of people that can have an overview over all the stages and the actions that are taken , this situation makes things to be looked at as they are process like and that process a complex construction that is made out of small steps . The fact that architecture is made out of small steps and it can be a slow process takes us back to what Mies said and the way he looked at things in general putting the" detail " on the first live of the construction front . The complexity of the architectural process made this craft to change and ti become something new that is composed out of different categories of architectural designers . Starting from one side with the visualization architects and the architects that construct the interior layers of a building and going until the person that gives the final approval for the project . The main way in witch people relate one to the outer is the fact that they are all designers or architects and this makes things to be under the same umbrella and in this way everyone talks the same language both technically and aesthetically.

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