Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Technology Influence ,

Technological changes where always felt in fields that are related to creativity and the way things can function or be improved by these changes . In the architectural design field things are happening in a similar way the process of creation being strongly influenced by the technological advances of the time . There are multiple approaches for a project but two main directions can be observed in the way things get made . The first type of approach can be considered as a classical one in witch the designer tries to use elements and rules that are part of the classical or traditional architectural theory and approach towards a specific subject .
The second type of approach is connected to the way one designer uses technology and how that technology can be embedded in the design process , more and more designers and architects are using technology for giving or compensating functions in the design and making the design more appealing to the public or the viewer in this way . The fact that technology can become an design element that can have an entertainment function can bring a lot of new types of features to the design . In the design process that is related to designs that have a commercial use or purpose designers use media installations to make projections on the walls or in the space . With the help of this equipment the information can be transmitted in an easy way to the viewer and
the space can become more interactive and elements that where static in the beginning ( walls , furniture or ads ) can become interacting pieces of space and the place will start having some sort of visual dynamics . This type of architecture that makes a connection between the realm of media and technology with a build environment can be considered as a hybrid type of design , a composition that is made out of elements that are both architectural and artistic in this way architectural design mutates into a multidisciplinary discipline . The fact that technology allows manny "tricks" with witch there can be produced some kind of foreplay between the person that is experiencing the space and the creator/owner . The effects of technology can be seen on a conceptual level too, architectural design and design in general trough these methods starts to become a new type of discipline one that is more flexible and the persons that are implied in the design process have to look at things with in an opened minded way and use strategies that are connected to more that one category of discipline . All the team members or the singular designer has to look at things as aesthetic representation with an abstract oriented mind and part of the design outcome has to be considered as some sort of work of art or at least to be related to the art realm .
Media and the fact that more and more entrepreneurs and designers have access to media video production and softwares that can generate media content for a design makes this a new realm that is still in a sort of experimental or lab like conceptual space . There are no specific rules and no theory that constructs a relation between design and new media .

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