Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Design and architecture in general are fields that go beyond what is in general seen or material , they integrate elements that are related to the world of entertainment . Architecture can transmits more than just the concept of a building or a construction to the people architecture can offer spectacle of forms , concepts and theories that interconnect the virtual realm of ideas with the real world of build materiality . There are many trends that are part of the architectural system that constitute future concepts or come in opposition one with the outer and form trough their clash new or different ways of looking at design . The facts that connect things and concepts make the trend or the current in architecture and in today's contemporary architectural world there are many and completely different ways of looking at things and ideas . The world of contemporary architecture is dominated by the infuzion of the desire of being different amongst architects and designers . A lot of architects because of the fact that in the last twenty years the way architecture is generated trough technology and the new types of tools that can visualize architecture are becoming accessible to more and more designers created a gap between architectural theory and build architecture . This gap is filled with what is considered experiment in contemporary architectural thinking . Because of the diversity that technology allows on a conceptual level trends have become more relevant than considering a main architectural current as a direction for present times . This diversity has concentrated upon what is considered in many cases formal gestures or what is considered architectural statement or gesture . Architecture is more experimental than it was before and this contributes to the normal spectacle that it brings with its mere presence in the real world . Visiting an architectural edifice that was carefully planed and build can create a visual and spatial spectacle for the person that is experiencing it and moving trough the space of the building . The design can incorporate ideas that are related to the zeithgeisth of the moment or to the way one architect or designer filters his with the help of architecture . As an example there can be seen the way Le Corbusier designed architecture that was connected to the social and technological evolution of machines and mechanical infrastructure of the time ; he saw the house as a machine for living and his designs where inspired by the way automobiles , boats and trains where looking at that time . In this case architecture can be seen as a translation from object to space and idea . In contemporary architecture the designs that are considered as marking points and avantguarde architectural objects translate the ideas of sculpture , pure form and technology play into their designs ; in this way controversy is created both in the critics world and as a spectacle for the person who is experiencing the object .
If we deconstruct the ideas that are related to entertainment and what is real as theory and what is fake in architecture we arrive at the obvious conclusion of looking at what can be the next big idea or architectural spectacle that will have to be translated in the build environment both as concept and as expression . The hypothetical answer is to this trend related question is motion . The next trend in architecture will be related to the idea of motion and how can motion be translated into space and how does the space generated by the architect will be influenced by the increased flow of people .The translation of motion into space can become quite a big question both on a theoretical level and as build space because of the fact that it has to mold on the physical principles of what motion and movement is thus it translates virtual notions into material and spatial forms . Some of the worlds leading architects have acknowledge this fact and started translating and playing as experiment and build design . Notions related to movement can be seen in the latest designs of architects such as Zaha Hadid and on a theoretical level in the ideas of Greg Lynn that starts to think about the skin of a building as an intelligent system that can bring motion into the static row of buildings and constructions . Zaha Hadid started concepts from deconstruction and
new ways of articulating space to more recent concepts that bring together ideas related to circulation flows and the way groups of people move and understand space . This way of practicing architecture brought new approaches to design theories as we can see in the written work of Patrik Schumacher that thinks about new ways of representing the movement into architecture . The new theoretical system that is build around the concept of movement has to blend laws that are related to the physics or mechanics of movement with the concepts related to functions and modern interpretations of space .

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