Sunday, February 24, 2008

Expression ,

In some cases images can express a different set of ideas than words . The information that is found in a photo is structured in a different way that the information that can be found in a text . The content is different both as means of expression and as means of generating a specific outcome and reaction from a certain public . Writing creates a mental space that is mirrored in the mind of the reader from the surface of the paper of screen ; making in this way the person who reads the information to think and to use imagination as a tool for interpreting the text and to generate some sort of idea that relates in a visual way to it .
The medium of photography works in a different way ; the information is already there and the viewer interacts with the given framed information . This medium is quite complex and full of interesting approaches that can blur the boundaries between what can be called imaginary and real . Photography is obvious in most cases but it can hide secret messages or meanings that usually are not seen at a first look .

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