Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sketches ,

Sketches are an important part of a project or concept , these pieces of paper , small models or interactive drawings are on the frontline of every project they are the first material objects that express the idea or what is in the imagination of the maker. sketches have a special place as a project phase and as proof of the first ideas and the way they evolved . In this part of a project the idea is in an incipient phase and the concept it is not altered by the factors that usually come in the next stages of the development .
Sketches are diverse and can express or be related to different subjects . An essay sketch can be the beginning of a book , a drawing on a piece of paper can be the concept for a bigger design or an interactive 2 D animation can be part of a more complex interactive design . In some cases the initial sketch is the one that transforms everything and gives an overview on how the elements that make the composition are put together , constructed and represented in a way that is not detailed but gives a specific and exact image of the way things should be build , how things should look or expressed .
The initial sketch is pure and always expresses what is important and what will come out of the final project that is why in the case of the great masters the initial sketches are preserved and have a great importance in the eyes of the people that what to get a better picture of the way an artist , designer , writer or composer worked and thought about his work and the surrounding universe . These small drawings incorporate the concept in a simple and understandable way for the viewers or the outer persons that work on the project ; the drawings are fast and have a quality that is chaotic but can transmit in a fast way the needed information .Some sketches made history , they become important parts of the art world and where collected as studies or starting ideas of the artists that made history trough their master pieces .
There are many debates that are related to the value of a sketch and how much consideration should it get from the public or the people that are working with the person that makes it and put's up the concept for it to become real . The debate is going in two main directions . The first one is connected to the way outer people see the creator of the master architect as one person that thinks about all the project and it is seen by the rest of the crew as the person that has the ability to think about the requirements and come up with an idea that is palpable and can cover all aspects of the project . In this case the master architect makes the genius sketch that will become the project after it will go trough multiple phases and trough multiple hands that will build all the project with all it's details . The second direction is the one where there is no sketch or the concept idea is build by a team that thinks together under some form of common consciousness that is the collaborative environment or the work space . In this way there is no master creator that thinks about the whole idea but instead there is a group of people that makes the realization of the project possible . In the second case things can become quite complicate because of the fact that the start idea can lose from it' s purity and become more complex . There are outer cases when a starting sketch can become synonymous with the final product because of the fact that the process of building and finalizing the project does not take place and does not become reality so in this case the ideas remain on a sort of a paper level and do not go forward but have a different value , a value that is related to the fact that the starting concept is unaltered and charged with the dramatic element that an unfinished piece of work can imprint in the viewer.
Sketches can have different values that is given by the hand or the person that makes them but still in the cases that are related to being a creative it is good to keep sketches and partial ideas documented so that one can come back and reuse them and morph them in something new .


Devin KKenny said...

interactive drawings? they fight back?

Marian said...

maybe I did not use the interactive drawings in a correct way I was trying to make some sort of reference to the "flash to the core " the interactive sketch book of Joshua Davis the american artist .