Monday, February 4, 2008


One of my assignments from this school semester is related to an abstract box shaped space , a musical narrative and a video that has to be filmed in this space and has to connect all these parts together in the final outcome . This type of assignment can be solved in different ways and it can arrize different questions and riddles . What is interesting is the fact that it can make things more complex because of the fact that you work with abstract elements that put together can generate the result . It is not an easy taks to think in abstract notions and to blend different elements together , in some cases things can seem complex and unnatural .
At first sight two main directions be the solutions to the problem ; the first one is the direction in witch the final composition is formed out of simple elements that have some sort of visual dynamics and can trigger action in the space with an minimal effort so one can use simple but efficient forms or" characters "that interact in a harmonica and controlled way . The second step or approach can be focused on o more complex subsystem that is found in the box , bringing together bits and pieces of different concepts and forms that interact in a chaotic but controlled way so the outcome can be considered still and mobile and functional blending of elements . In this second case working with the parts of the composition can be difficult because of the fact that all these elements are imagined and the final message in some cases has to be explained and related to a specific story line and conceptual way of thinking . The outcome can be abstract but figurative as a narration . The abstract elements can become personified by the viewer and interpreted as individual entities or forms . The creator is playing with these elements
and makes the viewer's imagination to see the things in a different aura an aura in witch he personifies the abstract elements and mentally transforms them into personified characters that determine the story line and makes the interior action epic on a certain level .
In some cases the viewer can start understanding abstract stories because mentally he can associate events , forms and characters with real life objects . The way these things happen is interesting both psychologically and as a creational process the outcome has to transform innerth objects into living action figures .

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