Tuesday, February 5, 2008


there are manny debates related to form , function , shape and to the form follows function modernist idea . A lot of architects materialize their concepts in architectural forms that are more related to sculpture than to an architectural process or a way of thinking and creating . This way of designing became a sort of a trend in the architectural world and it created debates in the triangle that is formed by the clients , critics ,architects and the marginal and constant idea that "it can't be done ". One of the reasons that can be considered important in the equation of design is the fact that in the past 20 years technology has evolved and became an important part of society . On a different level the process affects the outcome and the tool shapes the design . Things that where not possible and mathematically incalculable or impossible to draw and represent, now can be made reality or virtual reality . The way architects started designing subjected more to what can be done with the computer tool and not anymore to a theoretical related type of architecture . Theory takes a secondary position and shape and the materiality and the formal representation of space start having a sort of advantage over the rational and logical way of thinking . New softwares that are build around shape, modeling and tridimensional visualization start make possible what some time ago was seen impossible and unbuildable . The fact that with softwares things can be visualized in a new way pushes the imagination of the designer to go forward and think of a new category of forms and a new kind of architecture that is different and has a background that is rooted in a mix between technology and gesture . Some of the outcomes that are hybrids between software generated forms with new and avantgarde materials puts designers in controversial positions . the industry has developed rapidly and with it new materials had been created that offer new structural possibilities and options for the creators . In a lot of cases the outcome of an architectural process that frees imagination and takes things to a "next level" can have an outcome that can be a form that connects to the people in a new way that goes beyond theory and does not need an argument or logic . In this case the designer makes an architectural gesture that can be seen as part of a formal language . Things can go forward and softwares that are related to modeling can be used beyond the boundaries of design and become useful in art projects and outer projects that require the making or the creating of a form or a art piece that is related to complexity and calculation of surfaces.
The fact that a lot of things can be build and make the transition from the realm of imagination to the realm of possible is becoming in many cases a theoretical provocation and a new way of looking at the dimension of architecture , design and art .These new tools that are related to the world of design make things blend and what was seen as impossible to become possible . The fact that in a lot of cases the shapes that designers imagine can be build makes arise a new discussion about
the way we view and experience these forms , constructions and forms . a new theoretical image has to be built in order to face the concepts that are behind these forms . Some of the concepts cannot be explained and there is the risk of the invention of a concept after the search for a specific form . The steps that have to be taken are not that clear anymore and the stages of thinking get mixed in situations like these . The softwares that we use can distort the classical way of thinking about
design and generate a theoretical system that is detached from the symbolic elements that where used until now in architecture .

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