Sunday, February 10, 2008

Infrastructure ,

Infrastructure is a term that is usually associated with the city and the annexe functions that are connected to the way a city of a part of an urban tissue . infrastructure has a huge importance that is reflected into the way one city or an area develops and becomes more animated and more connected on social , economical and cultural level. the infrastructure of a city is the space that moves and that hosts all the functions related to motion , kinetic and interactive spaces that gather, move and make people to come together . The scace that is dedicated to infrastructure is a common and shared space in the cityscape. The infrastructure space in a public space and a space that trough it's existence produces pubic motion or the motion of the public .
The infrastructure of a city can morph and is a space that can easily change aspect because it is a space that is not connected to a static way of thinking so the work of maintenance can become work of transformation for a specific hub . The bigness of a city can be read in the infrastructure ; the way public transport is connected and works can give an overview on the size of the area .An important element of the infrastructure of a city are the knots or the points where more than one type of public transport intersects one with the outer . These knots or points of convergence are places that have a high density of public functions and are hubs that host the people that change the means of transportation . These places can be seen as small interporto's for people , places where a lot of functions that are related to the urban life in general converge and connect .The infrastructure of a city , area or in general can be an interesting subject to study because it is the form of architecture that deals with a sort of mechanical movement that allows people, citizens and groups to move and to interact in a larger space that is the space of the city . The architecture of the infrastructure needs a different system of thinking and the solutions to infrastructural problems have to take in their mathematics factors that are different from the normal way of thinking about architectural design . When designing infrastructure the designer has to think about functionality in the first place and afterwards there are the elements related to the aesthetics of the constructions . The space has to be fluid and with morphing abilities that are related to the fact that in these spaces auxiliary functions can overlap or can change in a short time so the static space has to be flexible and has to be able to host any kind of function . The way we think about infrastructure can be abstract and in some cases entire cities can become infrastructure for outer cities thus transforming the notion of a city into a platform dedicated to mobility and circulation elevating in this way certain functions and concepts to a higher level of importance . Hierarchy is an important component in the way things are seen and developed in a project that relates and deals with the problem of infrastructure .

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