Sunday, February 10, 2008

Accidents ,

via Daniel Dorobantu
Accidents are events that can come at any time and become part of the daily life changing in negative or positve way the way we see the world . These small or large events can change planed things and turn the way we look at history .Accidents can influence everything and make massive changes in one person's life or in it's chain of events .Accidents can become beneficial in the cases that related to creativity and to the consequences or the side effects that a accident can have one a specific subject . The subject of accident was studied quite a lot in the world of art by the artists that saw accidents in an interesting perspective and tried to see the benefits of these chaotic events that can change the meaning and the outcome of an art process . Picasso considered accidents some sort of test that can reveal things about a person; another contemporary artist with Picasso , the surrealist Salvador Dali said about accients , mistakes that it is no use to correct them rather we have to look at them analyze them and rationalize them for a better understanding of a specific incident. The fact that these accidents can be seen in a multi layered way can give a new perspective on things in general making them more relative . In taking the example of artists because in general artists and creative people have a different view on how things function the the daily life . They see the so called "normal " events that form the basis of what the artists trough the prism of their work see it differently and because of their work they can interpret the meaning of an event in a way that can be considered different from what is usually considered as "normal" , in some cases artist and creatives can see the world in a different way . Artists can be considered like antennas for the social world ,expressing trough their work . The creatives are people that can see in things that do not present any interest for outer people , value and intrigue that are elements that can trigger in one' mind the imagination that generates the works of art . These "antennas" see and transform the social mutations that they sense into work of art that can be considered as a comment or a reflection upon the things that are surrounding us.

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