Thursday, February 28, 2008

informational infrastructure .

The communicational networks are different from place to place so are the networks that are formed and the way people interact trough communicational tools . In the last twenty years much debate had been connected to the concept of informational society ; there is still a lack of ideas and information that are surrounding this idea of a new type of society that is no more oriented and based upon the normal rules of market economy but upon the rules of information exchange , information traffic , vizualization and flow . These concepts that play with the notion of information are strongly connected to the computer word and to the invention of computer and the first problems that where related to it and to the use of this machine . One of the first problems was related to the way a machine would stock and measure quantities of information and how will this information become distribute into a network that is formed from more than one computational unit . In this way the information became divided in units and a notion that was considered immaterial and virtual became divided into units and became measured in quantities . Information is part of the daily life and in the last few years things became speeded up because of the development of the personal computer and the network that can sustain huge flows of information , the world wide web . In the past few years if we look at the evolution of the web as starting point the web 1.0 , 2.0 and the discussions that are related to the third generation of platform for communication that is considered the world wide web . Everyone has more or less access to a tool with witch an avatar of a virtual self representation image can be build in the digital realm . there are many options , possibilities and networks from witch one can be part or take part . Even the social networks are slowly moving of the internet with the help of avatars and sites that can host personal content and information . Because of the fact that the web is hosting a great amount of information and it is already part of the communicational network the expansion of means of communications i becoming more and more important so technology developed in the direction that is related to it in one way or the outer . In the idea of producing accesibility to information and to the ways it is distributed . These requirements made possible the invention and the development of wireless networks that work in the major cities forming an invisible layer in the city grid a layer that deals with communication and the way it works and it is maintained . These invisible and immaterial communicational layers are part of a city a much as the material buildings , streets and circulation infrastructure . These layers for communication can be considered as informational highways that form the networks of communication of an area or a city that needs this kind of infrastructure to function properly on a daily basis . These networks had started to expand because of the technological development and the way wireless networks had expanded and morphed in much more strong and larger networks that are not any more dependent on an public network broadcast . In this way we can look at the wimax network that had been launched in the united states and it had become an phenomenon both on in private and public space . Now everyone that has Wimax can become an antenna and broadcast the wireless signal and set up a network that can expand as number of users and functions hosting information on a server the user can be in a large radius from the centers that where considered until now as poles of distributions for wireless networks .

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