Thursday, February 7, 2008

Inspiration ,

Inspiration is an important factor in the creative process . It can come from different places or in different moments of the day or it can be a state of mind in witch one person is finding itself for a longer period of time thus being able to create and devote its imagination to the purpose of creation . The creational process is a complex and unexplainable as what are the elements that trigger the need or desire to make and create . To this process that can have an ascendent and descendent way of working as a graphical representation but what keeps the things going and in the flow are the facts that are related to inspiration that eventually becomes the main element that is constant trough the whole creational process .Inspiration can be seen as the motif that makes the creational process different and full of fluctuations and unbalanced elements .
Inspiration can be triggered by all kind of small or big external events that are happening in the world and the universe that we experience . Peter Cook the english architect that was part of the archigram architectural movement in the 70 ties came up in one speach about architecture that was held at the Colombia university in New York , with the idea that architecture can be influenced by daily life objects and that the architect can work with real life elements and put them into his work or designs . The example that he gave was related to the way we look at architecture and all the principles that generate form , space , proportions and balance in the world of design . These principles are under constant theoretical change because of the fact that imagination and aesthetics develop and mutate into new concepts that are part of the zeitgeist . Peter Cook made an important and strong statement related to inspiration and what can architecture be and become . If we think about design as an process that can have exterior elements that can inspire the creator and make him think about new things or new strategies of approach for some design projects. Inspiration is an abstract notion that needs a lot of explaining and in some cases it cannot be explained because of the way things work ; It can com from all kind of different places and it is a mental and psychological related factor .Inspiration can come from the texture of life in general in the creative fields there is a closed circle that is self generating things events and it becomes important on a certain level because the music that a musician is producing can become element of inspiration for a painter , or a for a creative that works in advertising and has to imagine new type of campaigns and new ways in witch to develop what advertising can become. these are just a few examples that can be looked at and thought about in the connection between creativity and inspiration . Architecture can be seen as a practice in witch there is a constant inertia and that puts the architectural designer in the position of looking for new alternatives for solutions that can be seen as the same solutions for different problems . In this part of the process inspiration comes in and transforms things giving them a new aura and new ways of functioning as independent entities .

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