Thursday, February 28, 2008

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The landscape of art is a continuous and chaotic change because of factors that are related to the unlimited interaction that the art world and environment and sub universes related to it provides for the artist . The way we look at art is changing to the artist in morphing into a new type of person that is connected to the social live of the art world and instead of producing art work as build object , performance , happening or work that is expressed trough material mediums the contemporary artist is becoming a person that is much more focused on producing the space for things to happen ; he is becoming a social engineer that makes connections between people places and events conceptualizing things thus creating new mediums where art can stay under the form of experiment without being subjected to any form of ideology . A good example for this in the way curators work or look at things in this way bringing things together and making them connect and interact . Such a curator is Hans Ulrich Obrist the swiss curator that is organising each year events such the Sepentine pavilion event end meeting that is held in England with the purpose of creating the space for artists , designers and architects to meet and exchange ideas. each year the pavilion and the space are transformed and build from scratch to accommodate this chain or events . The event and the people that participate to it are related to this part of culture and the pavilion is constructed each year by a different designer that makes the concept for the space and for things to happen . In this way artists or curators become coordinators of events and specific and they are not any more part of the production or an work of art that can start having any material value or that can be stored in a specific space . This way of looking at art can be relate as a concept with the fact that one artist can create in this way space ; a virtual space that exists trough the participants that are taking place at the event and because of this environment they interact and give birth to new ideas and new directions . A place or a meeting at this scale can bring theories that are related to design ,architecture , art and outer fields that have connections with the world culture .
If we take a closer look to things we can realize that in this case the product that comes out of the hands of the maker that in this specific case is the curator or in outer cases the artist . A person like this that is manufacturing these virtual spaces that do not exist only as parts of an project or event can be looked as persons that play with the strings of networks and use their knowledge in a way that is related to the main ideas or trends of a network . In this way thins can connect and happen in a way that was not considered to be part of the art practice previously . The person that makes the connection has skills in both worlds the world of art and the world that is related to organizational structures and the characterization of different parts of what is considered to be design world or design related issues . As a conclusion we can look at things from a new angles . The artist is becoming more and more implied in crating networks of people that share the same desire for interconnection in one specific field or space can be created in an way that interconnects different disciplines and ways of thinking . The artist is no longer part of the world of build work or work that can be palpable as an material object ; the ideas are materializing in a different way they take shape under the form of meetings and new created networks that can be considered the result of idea plus intention and a different view or perspective on the world . In this way we ca look at artists and at the curators that make this kinds of concepts to become real can be considered as people that are producing trough their work a sort of social sculpture that functions for a period of time and gives birth to interrelated networks .

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