Saturday, March 1, 2008

Way of thinking

After spending two years in a place like Amsterdam I started realizing that a lot of things changed and are constatley changing i al sorts of directios. As usual it is hard to draw lines and to try thinking about concluzions the only certain tings that arrize after the personal experieces that I had are just questions , questions related to people , to way of looking at things , to connections to directions and decisions to personal placement, to the effect of decisions , stupidity , mechanism , politics , structures and spirituality . There are a lot of subjects that can be talked about especially in my case .Starting with a biographical view on the things i can say that for being an imigrant is ot the nicest experience that one can have and the context is an important factor in the way people can form as intelect and behavior . the first things that I faced in this new place where related to the way I think and the way I was used to look at things from what I can call my home . Home is a place that has a homogenus type of "culture that lives because of the people that inhabbit the place and give it life and dynamics . Trends are the same and people try to respect mass trends and concepts . Being catapulted in an muticultural environment ower night makes the situation become a bit surreal and in some cases things can take different proportions from what can be considered in specific thinkin sistem normal . In this place there is no place for one trend , all the trends are diverse and social life is different too because of the unwriten social codes that are found here . In the same time i was faced with an international place where one hase to communicate with people that are different and even if there is a sort of local culture with traditions ( not the classical meaning of the word ) . What I learned is to try to keep my mind opened and not judge things as they are judged in outer places because there has to be communicatio between people and different races and cultures . Leaving one place or one context like the contry where I came from and starting a new type of life in a new place can start make you thik about a sort of set of rules that you construct ofn a basic level . These rules are reklated to the previous social relations that one had and in the same time there is a strong connection between what can be looked at as past frindhips and people that where part of one's l;ife . In my case I became two things in the same time , specila for the people back home and new for people that acceptred me in this place . So I realized that I cannot be with the feet in two places or two places in the same time so I had to chose one status and a side because the situation was of this nature .So decisions had to be made and I chiose top stay in one place and have contact with different cultures where things that where considered not normal home are normal here , where people do not feel the need of showing off or acting like assholes in different situations , where there is noo need to cover up defects and to act fake and like "no one knows what is happening in obvious situations" .Professions are also part of this congleomerat of ideas things concepts and ways of putting things anmd situations . Maybe thisg sound a bit sarcastic but in these cases thate is no outer way to put them and to make them part of a new or different context , they generate the context and the situations that are
part of it .
All these factors can take to one direction that would be a segregated way of looking at things , ideas and people . The world is becomming splitterd between layers and things tend to have new meanings and ways of beeing understood .

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