Thursday, March 6, 2008

Never bored

It is interesting as a phenomenon how the world wide web can be seen as a place for entertainment and media fueled environment . The web offers all kinds of option to keep oneself busy and linked to the world and outer people . Some examples could be the ones that are related to the ways things work in general and how social networking sites or video upload and download offers enough reasons for users to be part of a entertainment cycle. The fusion of mediums that the web allows and the telepresence that can be used as communication tool makes out of the computer and the web tool with witch people can play and have fun in an virtual environment . As Bruce Sterling ( the science fiction author ) was saying in one of his speeches because of the web a lot of creative people are becoming "victims " of the applications that it has to offer . The desire of being informed and keeping things updated on a level that is connected to the flow of information or to the information that is used on a daily basis by the user .The web combined with the tool of computer defines a new medium where entertainment and media can be understood in a new and different way . There is a strong difference between the way the medium of television was interacting with the spectator and the way the computer allows the spectator to interact with different people and different types of information at the same time . In this way the interactive medium of computer allows the interaction with multiple layers or windows to be made and be part of the way the user works and is entertained . This way of interacting with the user can be related with a blend between the act of looking and the act of making . Communication can be seen as a complex thing that comes works both ways and the fact that there some sort of reaction that can be given and seen as part of the previous way of understanding media and the relations between technique and the way we see it .
The layers that the "window" offers are more than one and in this way things can be considered independent active but still part of the same system or medium . These layers are combined and formed out of a mix that is a composition between functional layers or layers of work and layers that have an entertaining purpose or transmit the information in a way that can make things be considered part of a news or information system that puts out information and makes things be part of bigger
flow of information .
These layers are submitted to a system that gives the possibility of interaction and can handle the use of multiple layers of information that each have different functions and are part of different systems that work on the platform that the computer is . So all these factors are part of the system that the computer offers and gives out putting things in a sort of coherent order dismantling with the help of the operating system and series of commands that can bring back the user to pervious tasks or " places " and can make in this way the way of operating more enjoyable .

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