Sunday, March 2, 2008

Dependance ,

talking and thinking about concepts can create a whole intrerrelated universe between different subjects and outer ideas that in some situations can be considered external to the subject . In the case of architectuiral thinking that can be considered a way of looking at things, concepts or ideas with the help of architectural principles , motifs and patterns . In this case the materialized concept is notsubjected to the world of material it can ba applied to different tasks such as organising structures and identityu problems that have come up out of the need of clients to create and coherent idea related to theyr needs . If we look at architecture as theme that is not present anym,ore in the world of build circumstances and object but as set of rules that can be applied to systems , subsystems and organizational structures we can come up with certain conclusions related to the fact that in thses cases the thinking sistem is eliberated from the constraints that pressure the way of building concepts because of the continuous dependence of the idea and the material . This translation into reality morphs the initial idea and take from it's purity because the factor of reality is becoming part of the way things work . This connection between the material world , finnished idea and the realm of concepts is made trougs dependence , the dependence of one from the outer and the dependence of the ideas and objects . This complex interelations that are established between situation generated cases and relations make things become exciting and with a strong accent on the process of translation. This process takes a lot of enery to shape it smooth ; because of the fact that materials , communications and the continuous buget and concept related negociations are going on the iomportance of the translation as a process can be represented ion a Gauss like grafic curve that has a center process related exponential grow . This middele part of the gauss graffic is a cummulation area where the conceptt and the building methods of the project come together and form the process part of what can be looked
at as the area of the project that brings all the factors together .
All the elements of this project are interconnected thus making dependance an concept that can be looked at as series of interrelated factors that make place and forme the outcome of the project . There are always things that can come up in the process of building or construction an idea , concept of even space . These "things "or elements are part of the dependance that is cerated between different fields of work that all come together under the umbrella of the project ofr the project itself . There is allways a dependace that comes out under the form of material , finacial , conceptual or dependance related to people and the way a structure works or functions in a given context . Goeing back to the beginning architectural thinking can be seen as a model for insertion and analise of contemporary society and culture . In this way things can be looked . Architecture can be seen as a form of thinking that makes connections between design , motion and concepts that go in different directions but share the way they interletae to cases and to the way things vcan be put or become materialized both virtualy and as an plapable object .

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