Sunday, March 2, 2008


In the world of media there are things that are certain and already traditional ,if this word has it's place here, and there are things that can be considered as experimental and part of what is looked as the realm of experiment in the media world . This experiment area gave birth to all kinds of theories and organizations that are making and are interested in the way things work and how unstable , speculative or intuitive they can be or are .Living in the Nederlands I'm exposed to a number of conferences that are held with the purpose of looking at new media and disscussing it's direction , functions and the impact that it has on different outer mediums . This last issue is related to the way media can be seen in the work of different artists or how an artist is using the media mechanism to reach out for the purpose of it's artwork thus the initial concept is a combination between the function of the tool and idea.
In this kind of category there are many artists that can fit and be considered important as people that know how to play and use media in different ways and with different purpose than we are ussualy used to think about it . Some names like Roy Ascott or Martin Butler . They are both british and play with what media is and how it could work under different forms and with different purposes. In the work of the second artist Martin Butler media has an secondary importance because of the way the concept of the artwork , performance or exhibition works . He is an artist that creates scenarios and uses media to produce interconnections between users , persons , avatars and spaces . This king of works gave birth to the notions related to unstable media or uncertain situations that can be looked at as experimental projects or projects that produce and use the instrument of the media in a different way from what is seen and considered to be normal and in a logical frame with things . In an institute that is created around the hypothesis that media and it-s functions can be used differently from what we consider normal both as concept and function . Media has been explained both theoretically and as a phenomenon and there is still place for experiment and new ideas and ways of looking at things .The new ideas that are related to the realm of experiment and "instability " transform conceptually the media and the medium into mere tools that are at hand for an artist that works with them or in different cases media is part of a bigger system and transforms medium into a wall or a screen on witch the artist or the person that plays with the things makes the connections between two worlds the virtual and the real . What we can see in the last few years is the blur between what is virtual and what can be considered real because of the phenomenon of the internet that is taking big proportions in different work areas and industries this making media a complex subsystem that works both ways and it is producing motion both in the virtual and the real world . As a conclusion media and new media can be looked at as an autonomous structure and in some cases infrastructure for information flow or actions that imply the use of it for different purposes like art projects and performances , median becoming a facilitator for a better understanding of the statement of the artist or performer.

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