Thursday, January 3, 2008


Layer is term that can be found in many places from a layered form of thinking until a software level we can find notions bounded to layers .Layers can in many cases give the definition for an organizational structure of for the symbiotic way in witch a structure can work .Layers can be sub systems that work together to generate the outcome experience . Each layer can be structured in different parts and functions but as a main descripion a layer is a homogenus surface that gives shape and meaning to the outer parts that constitute the whole . the layers can be looked at like the parts that constitute a sandwich . The sandwich is the whole and the bounding between the layers that make it give the taste to the outcome that is the sandwich . this is a simple example that should give us the idea about to what can we relate the term and what is the notion of a layer . In some cases layers can even have historical meaning being seen as historical periods that constitute what was an epoque in ancient times trough layers we see how a specific period was structured and in some cases layers can give us clues about the transition between one moment in time and another . Layers can produce energy because of the friction that can be found between them and together can give birth to the whole that we see with our sight .
Layers can be found in painting many masters had a clear understanding of what the layers can mean in a painting and how the mix of color layers can give birth to another final color . Layers can be looked at in an abstract form and understood as simple elements that can be put together to generate in a time spam wisdom or knowledge . Layers are present in all kinds of situations and the lack of one or more layers can determine the end result of things determining the outcome or the result of whole process of overlaying .
Layers can be distributed in different directions things can take an horizontal ,vertical or enclosed circular way of distribution . In the same time layers can be tridimensional and one layer can be an entire structure that can be covered with outer multiple tridimensional or just simple outer layers .
A story can be composed out of different layers and using an analytical mind we can dwell into the whole story by understanding every individual layer that makes it . A story can have another type of layers too the layers of understanding the action or the characters that are part of the story ; sometimes in a story line a character or multiple characters can be discovered in a layered way at the beginning we can have one understanding of things and later on we can see things in a different way because of the layers that have been put away by the storyteller or the story in general . Layers are important elements that constitute a big part of our surrounding universe making it more interesting to dwell in it .Same as the universe that surrounds us are the theories that try to explain it and make it more understandible for the mind .

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