Thursday, January 3, 2008


Layers are part of the landscape of the city , in a lot of cases these “ exterior “ layers that are part of buildings are the most important elements of the exterior that is revealed to us trough the act of movement . Although more and more exterior layers and facades of different buildings are in a continuous metamophing of things . They are the first elements that are reshaped to change the texture of the streets or the way streets are seen in general. In some cases the facades are made out of layers too the advertising and the texture that is generated by different types information or displayes makes the elements that formed the facades to be different and new . More or less part of what can call the facade is changed in many cases by the way that the basic elements of the buildings are changed and remodeled trough the interface of the city . The facades have an important dynamic flat and surface oriented they become important elements for expression of the main idea of what the space offers in terms of function and concept . The “outside “ is important because of the fact that it makes the transition between the actual space an the pietonal zone or the exterior of the building . This transition is the actual place where the information is kept . In a lot of cases things tend to be part of this way positioning spaces and surfaces ( facades) . What is important is the way information is “stored” and sended out under the form of a composition that has the purpose to attract customers . Architecture has the pourpousse to connect things in a harmonical way arranging them with an organic logic giving an imput to what the person that enters feels and experiences . The architecture that generates the space has to have some sort of effect over the person that is going trough the certain space . The space has to have a sort of normal way or trajectory that makes the person that goes trough the space to get a sort of visual imput to create a set of feelings in the visitor ,viewer or the buyer .In a lot of architectural works in our days we see some sort of mix of events that where brought and put together by the hand of the creator . This fact can be seen in a lot of places today buildings are becoming some sort of mixed used living enteties that bring together multiple functions . In today's world from the malls to cinemas all of them have multiple functions they are not so separate anymore because of the fact that there is a need for multiple functions that generate an entire experience . The mixed used buildings give a notion to what is the contemporary architecture goes and how we should combine different elements to obtain new type of environment or inhabitable space . Combining functions can make things slightly different or complex . This kind of approach can modify not only the process but the end result too . When we look at a mixed used building we can observe the fact that in a lot of cases the designer thought about it in a slightly different way . The way of conciving it not as usual as it seem . Things tend to become different in the way the start concept is made , the way the building was thought about and built in many cases can be opposite to what we are facing in general as a direction of thinking . A mixed used space is not thought about in an esthetic way or even a modern way of working with the elements that are at the disposal of the builder , the mixed used term makes one think about things in an new light transforming the modern notion of architecture in a function-first based way of looking at things . The main functions of the building shape can change the way things are prioritized in the construction field . The space or the final construction has new types of elements that are inserted and that have in some cases unusual functions so the project as a whole has to be thought of starting from function and structure and not as a sculptural object .

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