Wednesday, January 30, 2008


After visiting the Le Corbusier exhibition from the architecture bienalle that took place in Rotterdam I started asking myself questions related to the way architectural thinking works and what are the main factors that can shape an architect and his ideas and inspiration . Looking at the architectural products that can be related to Le Corbusier I arrived at some conclusions that can I consider related to the way the thought about architecture and what keep his inspiration alive for a long period of time . He had two personas : one artist persona ;he was producing paintings and sculptures that where part of his artistic intelect and the architect Le Corbusier that was inspired by the zeithgeisth of the moment in time in this way generating architectural works that where related to the technical and social innovations that where part of the time spam of his life .
The way he saw the innovations of the time where reflected in the way he was producing architectural works ; his buildings had strong relations both conceptually and formally with automobiles , boats and trains that at that point in time where new , cutting edge and becoming the main support for mobility and communicational infrastructure of the society . The everyday objects and the way that they where used and what they represent created some strong conceptual dilemmas in the way Le Corbusier was thinking and seeing architecture . The immersion in the zeithgeisth of the time transformed the designs in new pieces that had a common language with the main features of the technological innovations of the time . His architecture is not poetic but rational and functional ; he reflected his poetics in the way he was painting and making artworks dividing in this way his thoughts and the realm of architecture from the realm of art leaving the last one a place where he could express his more abstract thoughts .
The example of Le Corbusier is not the only one that is related to zeithgeisth , Tom Ford the fashion designer that transformed the way we see fashion had similar theories regarding design . Fashion is changing fast and his designs where related to the feeling of the time producing in this way clothing , campaigns and the image of the House of Gucci related to the features of the season . As a designer there are manny options and theories that can generate a specific style that makes one known and original . The factors that can be part and influence the process of creation can be internal or external like in the case of Luigi Colany that made a statement about why he designs and what makes him to design , his answer was the external world that he sometimes sees as ugly and this triggers in him the desire of starting a new design . Back to Tom Ford , he made statements related to why he designs and what is the drive behind his passion for design , he said that it is an internal thing that comes naturally to him . In the same time he took the concept of design forward by explaining why he sees movies as design projects too . A film for his as a designer is a project in witch the director decides the way the story happens and how the plot and the characters act and evolve in the story line.
To design is a complex operation and requires a way of thinking and research in a specific direction and a fine aesthetical formed eye that see beyond what an object usually represents . Design is a way of
reinterpreting reality and bend the formal language of what reality means both conceptually and figurative . In this way artists like Margrite that made that made statements with the painting Ceci nes't pas un pipe expressed exactly how you can play with the figurative language of the reality and how can an artist or designer can create a polemic trough different mediums ( painting , photography , scuplture , design or architecture ) . All these arts are relate because of the visual abilities that the maker or the creator has to have and use in the planning and creational process .
In contemporary society the tools of designing had changed and evolved from the working desk to the desktop of the computer witch allows different types of visualizations of the product in different stages . With the evolution of the tool so has design reached new realm and started becoming a different language both verbally and written . This phenomenon related to design can be seen and observed in the way software designers work and filtrate and represent in the new versions of the software design that comes out with new improvements the way we work and how can the process of designing be improved and the human computer interaction become more friendly .

The tools that we use can shape us so interaction is important in the case of the connection between human and computer. This way of thinking created a new satellite to the design profession that is the interaction designer . An interaction designer is designing scenarios and ways of working and interacting with outer users in an virtual environment . The interaction designer has create scenarios that can work and be interesting as unbuild environments where the rules of physics do not function anymore and in the real world . An interesting thing related to the virtual and to the online gaming is the fact that all the virtual environments are represented and function in the same way as the real world works , the rules of newtonian physics are the same as in the real world ,the apple can fall down from the tree like in the real world . This fact is what bothers me and makes me to think why as a representation humans feel the need to redesign reality in the virtual as a mirrored image that is based on the same spatial rules as the real world is . In this place the role of interaction designer comes into play : the interaction designer has the job to open the eyes of the user and make him dream and think about the possibilities that “ the virtual “ can offer both as a new environment and as a new physical reality .

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