Friday, January 4, 2008

From design to theory ,

The famous graphic designer Joshua Davis that is known for his daring prints and ad's for different clients started at one point to launch all kinds of theories related to what is the internet and how does it work . The ideas that he launched are quite interesting because of the fact that he is basically( a graphic designer and sees things quite different from most of the science fiction writers and outer graphic designers that tend to give a visual meaning to their theories . Starting from the praystation website that was constructed on different engines that worked together giving an experimental way of looking at what a website can be to the way he designs trough programing and letting the computer choose randomly the ways in witch the outcome graphic texture is generated his work embodies all kinds of different notions about the abstract ways in witch things can work and be related to . One of his theories that is related to what is the internet says that the internet is a black hole and for him on a personal level the internet is just amazon , wikipedia and porn . I have to say that until a certain level I must agree with him because of the fact that the internet surfing phenomenon is more and more a real event and that more and more people are using the net for surfing and spending time on all kinds of different types of sites , social networks , chat hubs and online games . This fact can transforme the internet in a “black hole “ . The black hole theoretically works like a vacuum machine that sucks in the near by planets or constellations so does the internet on some level generating some kind of addiction and sucking in the user . The web would not work without the users and the information that is stored on it because the main idea that is related to it is the fact that it is an information keeper and carrier structured around websites , networking sites , search engines etc ... a lot of them work in tandem offering the user the possibility of going from link to link jumping from one string of information to another transforming the web experience in an endless raw of links that are read and pieces of them are assimilated by the user . So if we look from this perspective to the way internet works it can be compared with “black hole “ a place where all the information is thrown in a “space” that gathers users and in some cases it keeps them addicted to the flow of information that is distributed trough different mediums like web pages , videos or even games that can generate a whole new type of life style that is completely dependent on the virtual as an example that can be given is the fact that there are gamers that play online games and purchase virtual items that they are selling on the ebay to outer users that buy the game items for real money , so the players are becoming part of some sort of economical where the items that where made in the course of the game are trade in outer online places and that keeps the users online all the time . This type of lifestyle is completely dependent on the online users and on the sites that make the trade possible thus keeping connected to the computer and implicitly to the medium of the online game the user . This permanent connection to all kinds of online communities and all kinds of outer information sources is the main thing that makes the theories of Joshua Davis to be real . The web 2.0 is still a young medium in witch people are expressing themselves in one way or the outer interconnecting more and more avatars or transforming the world more informed place .

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