Sunday, January 6, 2008


The perception of things can be quite important and in a lot of cases perception can be altered by all kinds of factors that are found in the daily life and chain of events . Over time the way we percive the external world and the surroundings was issue of debate and arguments between many people that work in this field .Perception became part of the work of many artists that stumbled upon this subject in their desire for expression and communication of their ideas , images , music and other types of medium related type of art . The stage as architecture and example for the way things can be communicate is the focus point of the performance of the artist that gives and takes things at a level where the connection between him and the public is made trough the tools of perception . The stage can become in this case an accessory for the performance amplifying the effect of the performance and the contact with the viewer .
Perception can be altered by and with all kinds of external factors like that can range from an individual external impute to a common generated experience .Media is a factor like this that can alter the perception of one individual or a group of individuals reshaping reality in a new way . One example is the way children see the world trough the windows provided by media and the way children can be influenced by what they see taking things literary . What is reality ? if we think about drawings that where made by a group of children that had the assignment of making drawings of cows and they came up with drawings that where showing purple cows with the Milka brand inscription on them ( it happened in a kindergarden in Danmark ) . The add that shows a purple cow with the milka drawing on it had an strong effect on the way children perceived the real . The add became real and cows in their imagination took the same shape color and logo . With no intention things changed and in many cases have to be reversed , reinterpreted and explained for the audience .
Socrates the greek philosopher had the same concept about things and questioned and analyzed different aspects of the daily life and asking what is real trough the process of self analysis and situation related cases .
Perception can become an entire experience formed out from mix or blend of elements enlarging the way we see and feel the world . The experience can take the form of trance in witch the individual that takes part to it starts “thinking with the senses and feeling with the brain” . This type of immersion can have a long time spam or a short one in witch senses are amplified and taken to different level .
This way of experimentation can have the features of a ritual and make the transit for group empathy experience . It is interesting how things can connect and work together and make space for a larger view on the surroundings and the feelings related to the outside world .
Perception is a complex set of cumulative events that can stay in one way or the outer part of what we think and consider personal experience or experiment .

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