Tuesday, January 15, 2008


After reading a cyborg's manifesto by Donna Haraway a scholar and in interesting figure with multidisciplinary background I started asking myself a set of questions related to my childhood sicence fiction immersion and the movies that where placed in the near future and populated by androids , robots and cyborgs .
The science fiction movies offer a good start as an imaginative universe and stimulating place for the mind to think about the future and the blend between the artificial and the natural . Cyborgs are creatures that are part living tissue and part machine having the best of both worlds being an entity of “both fiction and lived social reality “ . What makes me wonder is the fact that the technological evolution of society is placing the citizen and the human more close to what the main characteristics of a cyborgs are . In the last few years the increasing technological developments in the field of communications made mobile phones ,digital cameras become elements attached to our bodies witch we use as extensions of our brain and eyes . We are living in a primordial soup of aparature that invade our private live and help us to transmit information when is needed . So if we think about things literary we can draw the conclusion of that we are already can look at ourselves as cyborgs and organisms that base our daily existence on this technology and use it to connect and to make our lives easier and more practical .
In the science fiction movies we can see that things go further and the characters are artificial organisms that are part human or animal and part machine . This kind of blend is not that because of the way technology is evolving and the rapid evolution in the need of a more friendly human computer interface that should improve the way communication and interaction in the virtual environment is made . Donna Haraway teacher at the European school of graduates makes a comparison between different terms that are actual and will be future. the terms are taken from all kinds of different social , technological and cultural fields .
Representation -Simulation
Bourgeois novel , realism -Science Fiction , postmodernism
Organism -Biotic component
Heat -Noise
Biology as clinical practice -Biology as inscription
Physiology-Communication engineering
Small group-subsystem
Eugenics-Population control
Decadence ,Magic mountain -Obsolescence future shock
Organic division of labour -ergonomics /cybernetics of labour
Hygiene -Stress management
Functional specialization -modular construction
Organic sex role specialization-Optimal genetic strategies
Biological determinism -evolutionary inertia , constraints
Community ecology-ecosystem
Racial chain of being -Neo-imperialism , United nations , humanism
Scientific management in home/factory -global factory electronic cottage
Home, market , factory -woman in the integrated circuit
Family wage -comparable worth
Public\private -cyborg citizenship
Nature \culture -fields of difference
Cooperation-communication enhancement
Freud -Lacan
Sex -genetic engineering
Mind-artificial intelligence

Second world war -star wars
White capitalist patriarchy -Informatics of domination
These term transitions are quite hard to explain but in some examples things can be pictured quite well and the concepts behind the word play is obvious .

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