Sunday, January 6, 2008

"Glass House"

Services , networking , database , insurance and social networks are all becoming part of the daily digital privacy issues . Part of the self management that is requested from the ordinary citizen is becoming part of the virtual realm In the last years a lot of services appeared that are working on some kind of educational system that is meant to educate people about their privacy in a digital world . What is private and what is public ? The public and the private concepts can become quite abstract in for everyone the blur between what is public and what is private in a social order where people are connected trough all kinds of tools of exposer that are part of the daily , is becoming abstract as a notion . There is no more private and public we are becoming prosumers ( information generators and consumers ) trough everything we do . We can see this in a lot of approaches of things and ideas and on a lot of levels the only thing that counts is one individual's desire or talent to give out and to have impute of information in different channels or from different sources. Privacy can be violated unconsciously by the beholder of it . We can give out information about our private trough simple means like personal work , interviews , products that we consume , brands that we wear , or avatar image that is present in the virtual environment under the shape of web sites, social networking sites , online friends , facebook , myspace , hyves or just simply from music sharing .
The place where we live is more and more a blend of the private, intimate and personal world with the public, exterior , majority based universe transforming the way we perceive the surroundings in an transparent notion or concept . The surroundings are part becoming part of a bigger glasshouse where things are transparent as communication and reflections as avatars . A glasshouse can be a metaphor for the seen and the unseen offering only an spatial structure where things are divided and part of a complex universe where transparence can be a different notion from the literary meaning of the word . Figurative concepts that are present in the realm of the real are opposite or can be understood in a whole different way in the glasshouse universe where the walls are the viewer and privacy asset is
a public common .
The virtual has a strong word in the connection between the inside and outside of the box but still the content of the inside or the outside ( things can work in both ways ) is the part that takes the lead . The content and the dynamic environment of the information flow is still the most important part of the way things work . Information flow is important because of the fact that without it users from different levels of the network could not rearrange information in patterns that are informational products that can take different forms from simple web tools , collection of data ( for further use) to complex hybrid tools or softwares that have a random way of working and only the blend between the mind of the user and the actual software can produce logical and understandable algorithms for the viewer . On the outer hand content can be seen as a chaotic random place that can sometimes not work in an rational way but can produce the fusion of material that give pop-ups as outcomes that are not relate to any main direction like in a rational data system .
Representation is another important factor in this scenario . The way public is represented and the authority that can protect both the private space and the public realm and rights is subjected to mutations that imply political and administrative changes . Politics does not have the past importance it became a space for negotiations and transactions of social ideas , common ground for debates of social contexts that rise and are part of the life as an event . Representation has in the same time to be understood by people that are interested in it and be structured in an organic way where things can be added and be equal with the previous or the more updated parts of it .
Taking things on a different level and trying to make a connection with the real world the universe with transparent walls that I talked about earlier it can be seen as the glass house of Philip Johnson or Mies van der Rohe . Their architecture was not related to minimalism as we could think after a first analysis but with the act of dissipating in the “whole”or the “ rest” of the surrounding space .The transparency of glass does not have invisible attributes but on the contrary can transform the aspect of things giving them a chameleonic look .

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