Thursday, October 18, 2007


Hyperlinks are becoming more and more important in the everyday browsing process , in a lot of cases things have to be rewind and put together under the form of new document or research . In the virtula realm this kind or path trough hyperlinks is quite important because the perception of the world in changing with the world wide web revolution . Things are moving to the screen from the worktable and to have a daily oveview of the links that where used is quite important . On another level social networking sites are becoming more and more popular because of the links that they can produse , users can start making onnline friends . This onnline presence can be seen as the telepresence was seen in the 60ties , more and more we are comunicating trough television and outher enviroments that are virtual . The measn of comunications are changing and things are becoming more and more related to what theorists in the 60 ties where imagining the world . They saw what imersion and telepresence can and will be in the near future . The fact that comunication and self posting trough social networking sites is more and more of a reality and that identity is becoming split in two by the emergence of the web related world , netwoking sites started to be composed in a puzzle manner , beeing more specific sites are made out of pieces that can be used by anyone who takes a look at the one's personal avatar tipe of page . the fact that one personal page is composed out of more informational elements that can be reused directly by outher onnline users . The personal page became two things in the same time , a way of making oneself known in the virtual world and a tool for the users that are accesing the page and are intercating with the avatar page ; the users can use different features that are composing the avatar . Anauther theory that can be related to the virtual realm and the use of all kinds of forms of networking , this form of comunication leave traces , these traces are more or less what William Gibson was talking about when he was explaining the fact that we leave traces everywere , especialy in a world where digital identity is becomming more and more inportant , internet serving as the new vehicle for moving around it is the new space that connects people and that in the same time creates and defines identity in the new century , if one person or a company does not have an onnline presence it does not exist from a point of view . Slowly the digital media is taking over newspapers are transforming in onnline material and blogs , people Start takiinkg theyr news fronm the internet and information is not anymores spread but it is acesed by users from all around the world .

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