Friday, October 26, 2007

Dutch Design Week

The dutch design week was quite an expirience : held in multiple locations in Eindhoven the exibition had from product design to experimental design everything . In general things where mixed designers that had started working in the design field with garduate students presented all kinds of possible aproaches or answers to design related problems , from stratedgies to make cars and everyday objects more sustaineble multifunctional and with a transdisciplinary aproach that brought togethrer element of ergonomic psihology , structural way of seeing things and element that where part of outher mediums , made the exibition excyting and full of experimental work . The design academy graduation show was the last exibition that i visited . The graduation show was something that I could describe as an intercative and art related exibition, the things that where presented in the design academy where not simply just design assigments but art related works and experimental aproaches to different problems that whwre given . The exibitopn and the students where relaxed and presented works ranging from paintings , colages , photocolages , maquetes,prototypes and ready made products . The exibition was held in the space of the academy and you could get a glimpse of what and how the academy looks on the inside . Two flors full of experimental and interesting designs , some of the works where goeing inbetwen design architecture and art and experimet , exeperimentation beeing an interesting feature of whet the exibition meant for me . The designe acagemy seemed focused not so much on the profesionalism of the design professino but more on the experimental side of it and on putting out students that think in a creative and conceptual inovatory way about the subject that they have to solve trough design . in this case it is logical that you canot be a full profesional and deal with industrial design from the begining , the profesional side of the profesion comes with time and expirience . Anouther important side of the design profession is the fact taht in a lot of cases designers are becoming trendsetters trough the theories that they discover or produce and in a school that is related in some way to the creatiwe realm it is important to promote oryginality and experiment in the projects that students produce . The graduation show of the academy respected these kind of parameters and is fitting as an atitude in a 21 century tipe of school .

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