Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The value of concept

I often wonder about the value of the concept in a creation from where does it come and how it becomes reality . In many creational cases the concept is not considered important , the action or the part in witch the idea is translated into reality is in many cases more important than the core idea or the concept . The action or the process is cosiderd in many cases more strong and more important than the initial concept .
Is the initial sketch or statement less important than the dynamic part of the process . In many cases there is a debate between these two parts of the same process the concept and the construction of it . In history we have a lot of debates that concern the relationship between concept and “putting in action” . But how can u go to action withouth the ensurance that the idea that you are goeing to built or design is the right one . Maybe I’m going too far and not even the concept can guarantee the fact that the original idea is tha wright one but the concept is the idea and more or less it gives a sort of explanation to what idea means and how it is structured.
So the concept is an important part of the process and it is unique as entity in the process ; the taking action part sometimes can imply a strategical pattern or modes of operation that are more or less specific to tipes of situations .
Some of the greatest artists of the world started from scratch only guided by the idea or concept that made possible their artwork or products to reach the surface . An example of what concept means is the question that arised when the works of Mozart where discovered in a forgotten draver by a person that accidentally looked into it ; a lot op people wonderd at that time to whom should they give credits for the found musical works , to Mozart the composer that created them and had the idea for the compositions or to the person that found them and put had put them into the light and withouth his intervention the works ould never been found and Mozart would never have been Mozart . After some time and energy that was spend on this question the answer went in the direction of the person that invented and created the works ; Mozart and people where clear about the fact that Mozart would have been Mozart anyway and that the musique that he made was valuable in any type of circumstance. Anauter example is the one that concearns the relationship between artist Andy Warhol and French Dadaist Marcel Duchamp that after meeting Warhol and seeing his artwork he became interested not in the artwork but in “the man that has the Idea “ to make that kind of artwork , so Duchamp was clearly interested in the concept and in the mind of avantguard artist Andy Warhol .
These exaples prove that all thow in a lot of cases we are faced with the question regarding the value of the concept we are faced with exaples in witch clearly the concept has a strong place and it is appreciated at it’s real value . The concept sometimes can be considered a way to break patterns or preceses by generating a strong concept you can shorten the way to the goal of the process or in outer cases it can improve it .
So the initial sketch is important after all as a starting point and as a mean for creating variants of the same concept .


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