Sunday, October 7, 2007


Paticipating at many conferences about new media and the technology related to it, I started hearing all kinds of science fiction scenarios regarding the human computer interface and the how could things blend and become more " friendly" . From scenarios that woke up in me memories from my childhood when I was watching videos with movies that had the main characters cyborgs, androids or high-tech robots that came from outer universes ( see Transformers ) to all kinds of theories related to immersion in virtual spaces , make you wonder about the fact that science fiction cyborgs and VR are things that are more and more palpable and close reality ( I was once reading the profile of a person on a social networking site and she wrote that she cant live without her digital camera ...does she need to have it attached to her body all the time ?) With another event I read the cyborg manifesto that if I would of told to someone a few years ago that this kind of manifesto exists that person would of laugh his /hers stomach out . In many places people still find these disscutions ridiculess althow in some circles these kind of talks is trendy .
Things started spinning in my brain and I started remembering movies , robots that I found dear, cyborgs that where half human half machine , drawings that I did being inspired by these characters . being under the influence films ,cartoons and outer heroes that are from this universe I started creating my own tipes of cyborgs and robots that where purely products of my imagination . What made me stop from remembering all these things was one idea that made me think in a new direction . The idea was related to koledge and to human condition . The idea was launched by an american university teacher that was talking about the possibility of downloading his memories and intelect in a new body . This ideea is related to anouther contemporary subject that is clonoing .in the case of clonning there is the same restlt , the replication of one entity . Clooning is still a little bit far from today's relity althow Einstein said that if the 20'th century was the centuty of phisics than the 21 century will be the centuriy of genetics .
Goeing back to the first ideea that creeated some sort of debate in the academical enviroments it is quite possible that in the near future we will be able to transmit the intelect , memories and character of one person in a new brain ; the question that remains is what kind of brain and what kind of body will host all the "downloaded " knoledge .
This is a huge question and many cases the fuure looks a related to robots and things that are more or less built not grown .At this moment thisng that in the ninties were presented as science fiction are allready avlieble functional and in a lot of cases they metamorph in reality . the preditions that science fition made are becoming reality with an alarming speed .
On a bigger level we are creting a big brain for the next generations to come , all the technological infrastructure , internet and the searchengines can be thought of like a new brain that is learning every minute what we like and what means to be human , and at one point it will take over some social functions automatising segments of the society . At one point in the future there will be no more schools or teachers there will be children that at certain age will recive some sort of password with witch they will access o website on the world wide web that will have the function of an onnline school with subjects related to the desires and interesed expressed by the student in certain fields of knoledge .
The conclusions that can be drawn from this are that genetics and robotics are real and uptodate , and that cyberculture is becoming reality .

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