Monday, October 22, 2007

Beeing exposed to the party scene from Amsterdam I started noticing how things are related , one one hand witch are the main electronic musique types , the leading Dj's and at last the way things are promoted ; The promotion of a party is not a simple task for the organisers , from flyers to posters radio , myspace , websites and all kinds of alternative ways of making the people aware of the upcoming event are important , but still thinking about postsers and visual identity that is an important part of the process . In many cases thing are working quite ok trough the digital media . It is more and more of a fact that advertising is moving on the digital realm and the normal way of promoting things is not there anymore .The digital media has its database related way of dealing with the so called " customers " that are the message recivers . The fisrt thing that isimportant in related to this kind of way of advertising is the fact that doeing things trough digital media the waste that is produced trough a normal campaighn that requires posters , flyers and banners that are thrown away after the campaign are not present anymore , digital media is lean the screen is the main informational dislay and the main intercation tool between the uers that send out the ad or the signal to the database . This can be the next big stap in eliminatein the waste that remains after a normal advertising campaign . There are no more posters that contain the content , information for the advertising campaign there is only database senders and recivers of information that is not printed anymore . On the outher hand the user that is sending out the "ad " can interact and have imediate feedback from the reciver and the content that is send out can be also an intercative element under the form of video or images that are sended out trough the database .

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