Sunday, October 28, 2007

Between things .

Where to place oneself in an age where one person has aces to every kind of information , and age when you are the same distance from everyone, an age that is ruled by the hyperlinks and multidisciplinary approach that the world wide web is bringing in our culture making everything accessible from everywhere . Identities are moving slowly to the realm of the virtual , many games users and social networking sites users are building strong identities that are present only in the virtual world , making them gods in the realm of the virtual . In may cases things can go quite far and thins kind of obsession can become a kind of lifestyle , one user can start trading weapons and outer types of virtual items that are part of a game( for example ) on sites like ebay where outer onnline users can buy the items that do not exist in the material world but they have a great value in the virtual reality of games .
It is more and more important to try to see that the things that sometimes we try hard to learn are already out there and that they can be used , times are changing from because of these factors that are related to the cyberworld and culture in general . Things are blending in an unexpected way making interconnection and the fact that knowledge is available everywhere and all the time is making the importance of the so called academic type of culture on a level unimportant , the interests are shifting from the notion related to what is the tool that we are using to how can we use the tool, and the “black hole “ that the internet is ( as Joshua Davis said in his coy theories about internet ) . We are becoming informational dealers and we are starting to play with information on different levels caring trough our websites , blogs and outer different types of sites information that defines our interests and have meaning on a “you are what you search” level , sometimes surfing and searching is more of a new tipe of sport . The world wide web had went on the phase is witch it was a communication tool only the internet had become a recipe giver and a consultance tool witch makes everyone that has a virtual presence available even if they are not onnline or connected to the net .
In a lot of cases we see that schools , and companies are opening towards a multidisciplinary aproach to the subjects that they are dealing with this is changing and making profesionalism to become somethingelse .

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