Monday, October 8, 2007

Cyber culture

In the last few years because of the emergence of the internet as the new medium of communication , sharing ,advetiseing , shopping and social networking I started observing thefact that in some places things started to split in two . In some places the ecltronic media started forming comnuities that have common interes and share the same cultural pattern . Slowly the computer is starting to replace the television dominated enviroment . The culture started to split in two one part is dominated by television personalities , stars and all kinds of media darlings and the outer has its own heroes made out of “hackers” , programmers and all kind of persons that have programming developed skills and that can use the computer in their personal benefit making out of it a multifunctional tool witch connected to the world wide web can reach every corner of the world .
These two new cultural tools and components the world wide web from witch you can download and upload information compressed in all kind of file formats or that can serve as a platform for multiple types of software , encyclopedias that offer information about any subject or social networking sites that can link people in a way that was unimaginable a decade ago and the personal computer that can be transformed in a multi functional and multitasking tool are the basic incredients for the new type of on line culture that is emerging trough and because of these technologies . Games and Virtual reality offers a new way to escape from sometimes cliche type of lifestyle and the raw reality . New type of cyber addictions had appeared ,games and virtual communities that develop in an unreal space are more and more in the spotlight and the everyday normal . Electronic media is starting to be part of everyday life and promises a change in the infrastructure of society making services more handy and more easy to access from all over the world . Television is slowly replaced by an enviroment that gives the user the opportunity to post real time feedback on an issue or on any kind of information that is online . This is not the first time that one type of industrie suffers because a medium is replaced . In the united states of America in the 60’tes that was a strong period of change the cinetografic industrie had a lot to suffer because of the mass production of the television set . After a wile thing enterd a new era and things became balanced again . Is this fenomenon repeating itself in ourdays when things tend to go on line and move from television to the screens of our computers?
This phenomenon splits things in two more and more we start seeing everyday culture made out of popstars , boxoffice movies , and famous actors that has a sort of normality because we are used to it , and a new type of cyberculture where the heroes are people that can manipulate this new enviroment and that are connected to the flow of information and that are working in on the outer side of the line that divides the world being connected with online communities that work in the virtual realm .
Cyberculture is more and more real and palpable new technologies making oneself to be put in a new social position and rethink the way people interact , share and communicate , society is shifting from a consumer society to a society that puts information in the shopping basket and transforms the consumer into prosumer that is an digital information consumer geeky and multidisciplinary in knowledge that is always on the look of new informational flows .
Technology is becoming an must accessory in everyday life . and internet is not anymore a unreal place but it becomes for may people the tool with witch can have acces to a new type of on line economy and market place .
The world wide web is real it is formed out of satellites that orbit around the globe , waves that carry information trough the atmosphere , cables coolers and plugs that connect things together , servers that accumulate and host information , sites and outer on line applications . These components form the nervous system of the brain that will command the informational infrastructure of the tomorrow. The web is the new “real” where things are “mirrored” but with a new set of rules .

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