Monday, October 1, 2007

Form is content

Content is sometimes debated in and in many cases is confuzed with outher features of the presented object or piece of work, but in a lot of cases an object cen become pure until it reaches the level of blending content with the figurative side of the object , thus the form of the object becoming the content of it . form can be content and there are multiple examplets in witch this rule can be applied one exaple si the exaple found in the modernist ideea related to form follows function so in this way we can visualy relate to the content of an object . This is clerly a case related to modernism and the simplification of form and compozition in the cubist and abstract period , period in witch a lot of artists started searching for the content or the message transmitted by the objects that where simplified trough the process of drawing or sculpture . These kind of pattern related theories can be traced back to the period when abstarct and cubist art started emergeing from the art scene in the begining of the century. In this period of time on a teorethical level things started shaking in the academist movement that dominated things until thatn and a new wave of artists started seeing things in a new light and started playng with form and colour generating in this way new ways of looking at the world that surrounds us and by simplifying things until they become abstaract you could generate a whole new universe that is dominbated by new laws that are not bound to the laws of the physical world . This was the way in witch a series of theorie started emerging from the art scene world and that shaped the things that had commed next . In toady's world we see more and more in the architectural and design landscape that objects that are designed or under the architectural pattern are becoming more and more transmitors of information trough their skin , size or material , in these cases form is content because the creeator of that specific object is more or lass trying to express something trough the creeation .In some outher cases the form is content concept is just a matter of language , form can be translated into content if there are outher factors that contribute to his kind of translation , external factors that imbeded in the contemporary visual culture can generate translation from form to a tipe of content that does not have to be in anykind of relation with the initial form , the content is generated by the translation process that moves the initial conecpt towards a direction that was not previously established .

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