Monday, October 8, 2007


I hear words like friendly interface , formal ergomony and problems related to the weight ,gigabytes and screen radiations more and more in the world related to technology .
The developers that are manufacturing new gadgets that are used in everyday life started working more and more in developing a friendly human computer interface that can work and be learned by any beginner in short time spam. Human computer was not so long ago left in behind and it wasn’s such a big issue the main issues being hard drives , speed and ram number . The interface did not count to much until these objects started invading everyday activities . Human computer interface for some companies is still a new issue in the last thirty years computers developed in five stages or five generations of computers , starting from the first numerical machines that culd occupy some hundred square meters as volume and could make only some simple numerical tasks to the today’s computer that is small , personal and can run all kinds of applications . The world of computers evolved and the machines mutated and evolved passing trough different generations . The computer became more personal than ever being a normal tool in everyday life and world . Becoming a personal too the coputer is more and more part of who we are and more importat who the use is being personal means thet there has to be a good interaction and interface between the owner and the owned object . Things went boom computers having more had disk space and becoming access tools in all sort of networks , but what is the future of human computer interface and interaction ? At this point in time the screen , the mouse and the keyboard are the terminals that connect us to the cyberworld . These are the terminals that many designers try to make more ergonomic and more “friendly” and simple , but what is the future , what are the predictions .There are many scenarios that range from cyberworlds where the interface problem will be solved by being connected to a mainframe trough an uploading program; to cyborgs and the attaching to the human body all kinds of apparature that will cover a broad range of functions ; outher designers think about minimaizing everything to the level of a singular hand watch sized object that will be elegant and will contain all the prewiopus functions and more because of the permanent connection trough wireless technology with the world wide web . All these scenarios can be correct and on a lot of them there are interaction designers and all kinds of outher interface developers that work on new ideas . But maybe from anouter perspective things are stagnating , computers had reached the fifth generation where they are personal and have a big informational stoking power but in the same time we are obliged to work with external hard drives and assisting apparature . Witch is the most effective way of stoking information , witch could be the most friendly interface these are the questions that will take personal coputers to the next generation the biological coputer that is made out of organic matter , tissue . The sixth generation will be made out of organic matter because this kind of matter has the power to stock more information than any outer nonorganic counterpart . One single cell contains more genetical information that a douzen hard drives this making on an experimetal level the use of this kind of matter extremely appealing . The gennetical growth is more and more of a reality the first replicating experiments proved that genetics has a spetial places in this coming century . Computers will become at one point living organisms made out of genetic material . This is the next big step in developing a friendly interface that will become a companion and will have maybe some kind of intellect preprogrammed with the help of genetics ,the genetic material being the best way to stock information in big quantities .

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