Friday, October 5, 2007

One culture

This idea started from some people that made statements regarding the actual state of culture at this moment in time , factors like globalization , maket economy , imigration and labour market made possible the blending of cutures in a sort of new american culture . American culture that is considered quite new in comparisonts with outer tipes of world cultures , that all have roots that go usualy at least one milenium back in time . American culture is considered young in historical time and the important factors that characterize historicaly is the struggle that happened in four centuriess to find an american identity . This happened trough the mix population and cultures that had an identity of their own . So from this point of view american culture should become a sort of model for today's world that is in mutation and under the influence of globalization , emerging markets and new labour markets that all make more or less the need for a new kind of common culture and identity . I often hear from all kinds of people that live in places with a strong mix of population that they are world citizentz, but is that easy to be a world citizen is it that simple ? . I think that the world citizen does not exist yet only for people that have global activities or that are working in enviroments where they adress themselves to people from all over the world and these kind of peole are quite rare , beeing a world citizen is not that simple because in a lot of cases things can go slightly wrong not because colaboration is not possible but because there is no common identity and in a lot of cases people that start working together can easity go back and try to stick to theyr traditions and culture in the search for somekind of identity .
Tradition is not that important anymore more important is the openedmindness with witch we can accept new thinks that cross our path and that in a lot of cases people can missinterpret , maybe things that are not common and that at the first glimpse we do not understand can be a new way of expressing a multifaced ideea that can be adressed to a mixed public . In a lot of cases Art has become this kind of common language in witch the artist that can be the representation of himself or of a country ( like in the art bienalle case ) presents work that reflects the culture related to a place or to a population of people , the artist has to be like an antena that signals changes , new trends or alarms trough the tools of culture things related to society , people or politics . The artist from a Socratian point of view does not have any kind of social function but his existence can be a decisiv factor in a lot of social-political situations . The artist can discover things that are hidden from the normal citizen , he has the power to bing things that are in the underground to the surface of society . This can come out in a lot of forms and tipes of work in the same time the artist can become a person that wlaks trough all kinds of social clases and that searches for new tipologies of social behaviour . So art has become a language that transmits and that has the power to gather people from different mediums , enviroments and social calses together . This makes things to blend and intercat the artist becoming for a short while some kind of interaction designer . Culture is important especialy in a period where many individuals are searchisng for an identity new "traditions " or the apartenance to a group where the core rules that stick people together are tolerant and fluid . The search for this kind of grups can be political, cultural , self interese oriented or fun and style based . In a lot of cases the bubles of certainty can go off in any moment but in a lot of times things that are part of the daily routine can be articulated in a sort of cultural language , the coffe brand from the morning , the tipe of cloathing , the newspaper or the informational cannal that we use to keep ourselves updated with news and events that occur around can become the texture that form our life and identity . Things that shape us are important because they can create a social image that express personal values and level of interest in certain social areas .
Identity can becaome traditional if thre is no need to refresh things or it can become a buredn and the need for a new affiliation becoming more and more important on an individual level . What is interesting is the preimage that everyone has regarding an individual that is connected to some sort of culture , becasue of the place where he comes in a lot of cases people can judge things in a wrong way and one individual can bare the burden of having an entire history put in his back so starting from scratch is important in a place where there is a srtong mix of cultures. the search for one general tipe of culture has to start on an individual level and afterwords on bigger scale the need of one is becoming more important than the need of many even if details connect things .

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