Saturday, October 6, 2007

Cinematic thinking

Sometimes profesion can affect the way you see things and the way you structure outer activities that are part from your everyday life . In some cases the profession that we follow can affect the lifestile that we lead and reshape thing in our life . In outer cases the switch from one tipe of thinking to anauter takes some time and it can be an interesting process . Beeing partr of the architectural field for a while made me "think " in an architectural way about things in general , decoration was not needed anymore , structure and straightness had become important and rationality was never questioned ; but i changed my studies to the visual field where things leave the phisical realm and go in the realm or the imaginary scriping , epic and bidimensionality . In this case the way you think about a projecthas to change and become more permissive with abstartct events and actions . Experiment becomes importsnt at a certain level and concepts as rationality can be left behind . In the cinematic worldmovement and image have an important spot and the epic part of the process gles tham together . In many cases you have to start from scratch with things both conceptualy and tool related . The cinematic offers a lot of space for experiment and inovation , it's and imaginative reality that is fluid and unstable . In the architecture laws of gravity can change things trelated to the project but in the world of visuals you can work with a multiple canvases that can be assebled in a epic event that has the final form of an film or video .
So the recurements to start someting is to open the imagination and to let the mind to be insipred or influenced by everything all the time , in a lot of cases a recording machine tipe of thinking can be usefull . A movie is a new and independent universe that is seald in a bubble that remains the same . A film can take things in a different part and imerese the spectator in a universe that is placesd in a different time , planet or world.
These features make the difference between the tipes of thinking , architecture , when is in a incipiente phase phase does not require a certain audio related way of editing , but film requires talents that are related to sound and situations .
In some cases directors can be seen as geniuses that can affect their audience in a deep way , using situations , sound , story that can make the public to behave and to become different after the interaction with the film . Media is composed in many cases from movies that can move us or change the way we see things in general.

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