Monday, October 29, 2007


Two years had passed since I moved to Amsterdam , a place of confluence for many cultures and many types of spirituality , did this experience changed me ? the first answer that I would give would be no , it did not changed me ! but the true answer that does not come out until I'm away from this place and start living in a homogene type of society where everything is the same and it works in a normal way , that is the moment when I realise how much I'm changed. In Amsterdam too things work the normal way but there is a lot of racial and social diversity making things to have a slight twist . The fact that there is a strong racial difference and the fact that Amsterdam has a big mix of population makes out of it a small but global city on the world map ; studies have shown that this area of Europe is considered the holocore area because of the strong mix that it is happening on a small piece of land . People are from everywhere and that makes things more interesting some people came with their traditions and spirituality and some ( my case ) in search for a new identity and the things that this brings with it . It is strange to come here and to start acting politicaly corect towards everything and to understand everyone , but when I arrived there was no outer chance I had to put myself directly on this level and not to judge anything and anyone because it is not fair in many cases understanding a new culture brings with it new perspectives . The fact that things are strongly mixed and full of diversity makes out of amsterdam a colored city and in the same time a city with a strong cosmopolite atitude even if it is not very large as population . The population makes the mix and the city to work , you can go from one end to the another and realize that you crossed trough six seven or even more races on your way this makes things a bit bizarre if you come from a one race society where everyone was more or less the same . Amsterdam is a place where a lot of events are happening and where a lot of things are tolerated , drugs and prostitution are the main ilegal acts that are tolerated by the policies and after a while you realize that it is a good decision to tolerate things like this and not push them in the underground and transform them into ilegal activities . In this way autorities have a sort of overview an control on what it is happening in these words and can stop in time criminals .
In this place a lot of things blend and become strong statements for the next things to come , more important is the fact that Amsterdam is still a port even if it does not work like in old times , in our days it became a port for conferences and all kinds of activities oriented towards new and old media , future , musique , entertainment and spirituality . In the place where you can find people that are clearly oriented towards new ways of understanding the world trough religion and tolerance you can see the fact that both old and new religion has a place here . From people that find spirituality in the electronic age to people that still keep ancestral tradition there is a big scale of events that animate this kind of forms of manifestations . At the beginning I looked at things in an objective way trying trough knowledge to understand and seek for some sort or type of spirituality that could work for me , in time i realised that a lot of things can be religious and that religion and the spiritual realm is much more wast than I had ever imagined . Objects ,subjects , people and all kinds of things can be religious and be part of a sistem and becoming simbols and transcedens of information for these forms of knowledge .
The city has a puls of its own and in a duchampian way you can start hearing things talking to you , buildings and places have a strong history here and you can feel the vibe of pervious people and historical figures that had passed trough this place and made a mark more or less .

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