Thursday, October 4, 2007


More and more companies , designers or outher people from creative realm are uinder the spell of multidisciplinarity and multidisciplinar thinking and strategies . The way we think shape the concept that we develop and in a lot of cases thinking in more directions at the same time can be benefic for a project or projects that in today's world are more and more connecterd to multitasking and the need of embedded functions . Design architecture and all sorts of creative fields are starting to be active in domains that did not had any connexions with . Architecture is becoming a way of thinking and a way of seeing the world that surrounds a person and in a lot of cases this kind of thinking can be applied to questions that are not necesarily related to architecture . The best exaple is the strategical thinking of Tom Ford in the questions related ot brand and image and the think tank created by Rem Koolhaas and that is the counterpart of Oma , the Amo company that works in fields that go beyond architecture , one of their last projects beeing a catwalk design and the fasion show related to it in witch the imagination of the AMO think tank created hypotetical products in the form of pills that will put you in different states of mind making you feel dutch , feel gay , have style or get laid . this kind or organizational thinking is quite interesting and the fact that the final product of the companie's imagination is a scenario that is not architecturaly related makes thinks more interesting . In this case is evident that the oppendmindness of the client and the imagination of the architect blendet together creating a crisscrossed catwalk and futuristic products that are presented and are decorating the fashion show . In this casee the need of out of the box thinking was more than necesary and important in makink this kind or direction that does not imply anymore the need of an architectural object but more of an architectural strategy that has to think in show production way . Architecture in many cases does not have to think about somekind of public that is part of the whole event architecture has a longer time spam then a fashion show that is a concise presentation that is coreographed .
In outher cases we can see concepts or sketches of things that started from an rganic image or proportions that are found in nature . In some outer places we can find ideeas that started from scientific elements aor elemnts that are found in different places or from different field . Transdisciplinarity is more and more used in all kinds of fields and in a lot of cases is treated as a normal phenomenon or aproach .

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